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NAHANCO 48" Optional Upright For Dressmaker Base, Chrome (DMU48C)
Item #216149
Model #DMU48C
  • Chrome, optional upright
  • Change your 36" upright to 48" with this optional purchase
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Round Base, Chrome, 8"
Item #215935
Model #830C
  • For floor stand use or on a low platform
  • 8" round chrome base
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NAHANCO Dressmaker Base, Chrome, 2/Pack (DMB1)
Item #216148
Model #DMB1
  • 2/pack
  • Chrome base with chrome upright casters and springs, movable for display purposes
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Costumers - Professional and Adjustable - Choose from a range of costumers to give your retail store or boutique a professional appearance that customers will enjoy. Their versatility provides a high degree of adaptability in setting up displays. Adjust their height to accommodate for different sizes of clothing, such as adult and kids.

Tough and Durable
Made from resilient materials such as metal and wood, many of these costumers are built to last, even in the busiest of retail environments. Select a sturdy tripod or weighted base for your upright dress maker base to ensure that your garments won't tip over easily. This keeps your employees and customers safe while also reducing the chance of causing damage to your establishment and its merchandise.

Broad Range of Uses
Single costumers make an excellent choice for boutiques when used to display high-end dresses or featured ensembles to potential clients. Pair them with garment racks to create a unique presentation that also makes it easier for patrons to identify what merchandise is readily available for purchase. Conveniently place dress maker bases in dressing rooms to give customers a place to hang up their own clothing while trying on garments from your store.

Multiple Styles
Choose from a variety of costumer styles to suit the decor of your shop as well as your professional needs. Appreciate a selection of metal costumers that feature elegant finishes such as brushed-chrome, making them perfect for more upscale establishments and boutiques. For a more traditional shopping experience, select wood costumers that come in mahogany or additional metal options with a solid matte finish. For added convenience, some costumers come with a hanger included. Adjust the height on select costumers to make them suitable for both children and adults, giving you versatility in your displays.