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Cynthia Rowley Nylon Backpack, Midnight Botanical (1222)Cynthia Rowley Nylon Backpack, Midnight Botanical (1222)
Out of Stock
Item #2614194
Model #1222
  • Starry Floral backpack is made of nylon
  • Dimensions: 11" L x 5.125" W x 16" H
Cynthia Rowley Rip Stop Backpack, Cosmic Black Floral, Nylon (28781)Cynthia Rowley Rip Stop Backpack, Cosmic Black Floral, Nylon (28781)
Out of Stock
Item #1854301
Model #28781
  • Cosmic Black Floral backpack comes in nylon
  • Backpack straps are made out of neoprene and webbing
Cynthia Rowley, Navy with Pink Stripes, Polyester Back Pack (29921-US)Cynthia Rowley, Navy with Pink Stripes, Polyester Back Pack (29921-US)
Out of Stock
Item #2098116
Model #29921-US
  • Front zipper pocket, 3 interior pockets, 1 zippered
  • Durable Material
Cynthia Rowley Nylon Backpack, Wild Flowers (1219)Cynthia Rowley Nylon Backpack, Wild Flowers (1219)
Out of Stock
Item #2614195
Model #1219
  • Wild Flowers backpack is made of nylon
  • Dimensions: 11" L x 5.125" W x 16" H
Fashionable Cynthia Rowley backpacks have interior and exterior compartments to keep all your belongings safe and secure. The bold patterns and vibrant colors accent your personal style, and the durable designs maintain structural integrity over an extended period of time. The polyester, nylon, and neoprene materials resist puncture holes, and the adjustable shoulder straps provide comfort during extended use. Shop Staples® for a large selection of backpacks for when you're traveling long distance or commuting between school, home, and work.

Consider the Reasons to Purchase a Cynthia Rowley Backpack
The lightweight backpacks accentuate style and provide comfort. Padding on the rear of the bag adds an extra layer of cushion to prevent the interior pouch contents from directly hitting your body when walking to your next destination. A colorful and patterned design makes it easy for a student to retrieve a backpack from a large group of bags kept in a designated area of the classroom. Adjustable straps ensure a proper fit, so the pack weight is evenly distributed across the back. A front zipper pouch conveniently holds writing implements, keys, and paper notepads for quick access.

Customize Cynthia Rowley Backpacks For Your Specific Needs
Creative and colorful backpacks highlighted with crystal stars and bright tapestries makes it easier to locate a child or friend in a high-traffic area, such as a shopping center or playground. The bags have locker loops, which lets users hang them from a center band for optimum bag balance without having to use the shoulder straps to dangle the bag from a hook. The lined interior safeguards electronic tablets and e-readers from scratches, and the sturdy metal zippers keep the pouches securely shut. A fashionable velvet mini-backpack is useful to carry small items when spending the day sightseeing, and the two-pocket interior gives you plenty of space to put snacks, a cell phone, and a wallet.

Are There Accessories to Complement a Cynthia Rowley Backpack?
A retractable carabiner can clip onto a locker loop and allow you to conveniently attach a school or work badge. The unit has a cord to extend the badge away from the bag when you need to swipe an access code to enter a room or building. A band-clip carabiner can also fasten to a locker loop to carry a water bottle that has a protective holder for the carabiner to clip to and secure. The carabiners are sold in packs of four or more.

Are There Benefits to Using a Cynthia Rowley Backpack?
These trendy bags have a durable exterior and two or more interior pockets to help organize your belongings. The backpacks are available in several materials, like leather and nylon, and are also available as miniature packs to wear over the shoulder or come with two adjustable straps to wear across your back.

Do You Condition a Leather Cynthia Rowley Backpack?
Leather material is durable and maintains its appearance for many years. It helps to keep the leather clean and conditioned to prevent cracks from consistent use. Rub a leather conditioner or mink oil into the material to prevent it from drying out and flaking.