Elastic Tape

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Fix dressings and medical instruments securely in place using elastic tape. This tape stretches to accommodate all types of shapes, while its adhesive backing locks it to skin without leaving behind a sticky residue. It's a good choice for handling medical needs at home or a health care facility.

Protect Bandages and Dressings from Moisture
Save time and conserve resources by using this elastic tape in your facility. Some brands are water-resistant, which helps prevent dressings and bandages from getting wet and causing additional problems. Patients can wash their hands and other treated areas without requiring a change of dressing each time.

Accommodate Changes in Medical Needs
This elastic tape bends and stretches to accommodate a variety of medical needs and preferences, while its soft fabric promotes patient comfort. Use the tape to wrap areas where swelling has occurred to ensure the dressing stays in place once the area has returned to normal, or confidently place bandages in irregularly shaped areas that may otherwise be difficult to wrap. The tape's multidirectional stretch makes it an ideal choice for placing surgical dressing, securing IVs, and similar medical needs.

Promote Healing and Comfort
Some brands of elastic tape are coated with aloe vera, which helps moisturize rough, dry skin that may be irritated from frequent contact with water, alcohol, or other chemicals used for wound care. The tape is made from latex-free material to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions in patients and staff. Some options secures bandages without the use of adhesives, ensuring pain-free removal when it's time to take the dressing off.

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