Injection Site Adapters

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Use injection site adapters to adjust reels of tubing or lines to your patient. Typically made without latex, many adapters won't cause allergic reactions when placed against the skin. A secure fit means you don't need to worry about the adapter coming loose from tubes and causing medical errors.

Secure and Dependable
Injection site adapters work with various tubing and intravenous devices, so you can hook up multiple lines in and out of your patient without a struggle. The tight adapter fits snugly, so the tubing doesn't come loose or pull out of the machine when your patient moves. Simply flush your line with saline to prevent buildup, or choose to switch out your adapter for a new one when you're ready.

Prevents Allergies
In a medical setting, anything that can cause an allergy to your patient needs to be eliminated; that's why latex-free injection site adapters work best for those who struggle with latex allergies. These adapter options can be placed against the skin, taped down to the body, or added to medication drips without having to be concerned about latex allergies.

Converts Tubing
Using an adapter, you can cap off a line or hook up additional medications when needed. Use these adapters with your IV sets and specialized nursing supplies to make sure you always have the right connectors for your IV drips. The adapter can be used with tubing reels and can be used to access lines for feeding or injections. When your patient doesn't need more medication, simply cap off the line's adapter, and you can get ready to remove the IV.

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Medline Injection Site Adapters
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