Hot & Cold Therapy

Stock your office, home, exam room, or classroom first aid kit with instant cold packs that provide immediate pain relief. Heating pads and hot compresses provide long-lasting relief for lingering back pain and other chronic discomfort. Take advantage of reusable options to save money.

Reusable Relief Options
Heat pads with the option of reusable moist or dry use provide comfort to sufferers of muscle spasms or arthritis, or choose a plug-in heating pad large enough to send relaxing heat across your entire back or thigh. Keep lumbar support therapy kits on hand for those days when even a supportive office chair can't protect your employees' sore backs. Choose fun designs that fit into kids' hands easily to alleviate the sting of grazes on the playground.

Immediate Pain Relief
Stock your first aid kit with latex-free instant cold packs, and then be ready to snap one open to provide immediate relief to an injured ankle or knee on the playground. Single-use packs don't require pre-chilling, so they're ready whenever you need them. Add Band-Aids and adhesive bandages to your workplace first aid kit to have immediate injury relief of all sorts on hand.

Portable and Convenient
Instant hot compresses come with paper covers so you don't need to spend money purchasing extra towels or compress holders and can apply heat directly without danger to the skin. Instant cold packs are easy to take on the road so you always have available ice-cold relief that wraps conveniently around the injured area. Choose a medicated pain relief patch to provide hot and cold relief directly to the area experiencing muscle pain, and tuck several away in the glove compartment of your car or bottom drawer of your desk or exam room for handy application.