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Pallet Jack
These sturdy jack stands improve your work environment by giving you access to the undersides of vehicles safely. Some jacks are highly compact or fold into smaller spaces for convenient storage when not in use.

Durable Materials
These jack stands are made of durable steel pipes and pieces. The sturdy metals are unlikely to buckle, bend, or break during use and can be used for years after purchase, even with regular use. This keeps you safe even when working beneath heavy loads that are potentially dangerous.

High Weight Capacity
Each jack stand can hold large amounts of weight safely, so you do not have to keep multiple jacks around in order to take care of a single heavy item. A high weight capacity gives you flexibility in deciding what kind of machines you can work on instead of limiting you to lighter items. Alternatively, use them in conjunction with your hoists, winches, and pullers to tackle higher weights safely.

Easy to Use
Jack stands feature simple handles that can be operated by most people without much training. Since these pieces lock in place for extra stability and security, they are unlikely to collapse during use, and you can trust that the vehicle will stay up high enough for you to work.

Adjustable Height
All jack stands have an adjustable height that allows you to easily slide the lowered jack under a machine and then jack it up high. Some types have lower minimum heights, which makes it easier to jack up cars and machines that sit lower to the ground. For taller machines, consider jacks with higher maximum heights, so you get a clear view of the undercarriage.

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