Tire Gauges

Plews™Deluxe Inflator Gauges, 12 in. Hose, Dual Foot Chuck
Item #706396
Model #570-17-850
  • Operating pressure: 10 - 120 PSI
  • Material: Rugged zinc casting
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Tru-Flate Dual Foot Service Tire Gauge, 10-150 PSI
Item #84002
Model #570-17-545
  • Designed for heavy duty use required at the service level
  • Ideal for dual wheels and other difficult-to-reach valves
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Coilhose Pneumatics® 7" Black Hose Tire Pressure Chuck Assembly, 0 - 160 psi
Out of Stock
Item #196401
Model #166-TG160
  • Operating pressure: 0 - 160 psi
  • Feature: Dual extension chuck features chrome-plated extension chuck that swivels a full 360 deg
Tire gauges let you quickly and easily measure the pressure of air inside of your tires. Low air pressure can contribute to increased fuel consumption. Exceptionally low levels can even reduce the safety of driving a vehicle.

Keep Your Employees Safe
Low tires may blow out under normal operating conditions. Keep your employees safe by ensuring that they have the tools necessary to check tire pressure before heading out.

Keep Your Cars Running Great
Tire pressure checks are a part of regular maintenance. Check out oil pans and measuring tools to keep your cars' engines running at peak condition.

Save Money on Fuel
Company cars and those used by small business owners can consume a large amount of fuel over the year. Proper tire pressure helps increase fuel economy.