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Staff Apparel

Keeping staff apparel on hand at your facility ensures that each employee has the pieces they need. Comfortable lab coats, gloves, scrubs, and head wear maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. Clothing from AngelStat, ComfortEase, WonderWink and Medline keeps everyone properly outfitted.

Personal Protection
Lab coats, surgical gowns, scrubs, and other staff apparel helps you maintain individual safety when your workforce is dealing with patients, biological materials, or chemicals. Features such as elastic wrists, fluid-resistant materials, and adjustable neck ties limit your exposure to potentially dangerous substances and reduce the spread of germs in the workplace. Shoe covers, bouffant caps, and medical gloves help you maintain a sterile room, while surgical gowns and aprons are designed for specific work environments.

All-Day Comfort
Flexible materials that let you move freely while completing work tasks make it easy to concentrate on your job instead of what you are wearing, and details such as elastic waists and stretchy fabrics make your staff apparel even more comfortable during long shifts. Latex-free pieces reduce the risk of an allergic reaction, while convenient sizing options ensure that each worker in your facility can find clothing that fits correctly. Promote proper safety procedures with company-provided staff apparel, face masks and latex gloves that employees can use when needed.

Wearable Convenience
Washable, reusable staff apparel saves money and reduces the need to restock your clothing selection frequently, while reversible scrub tops give you the option of flipping your shirt inside out instead of replacing it entirely when confronted with stains. Disposable pieces help keep your work area sterile, because each piece is brand new to minimize cross-contamination. Durable polypropylene coveralls, soft cotton scrubs, and durable polyester lab coats offer different levels of protection and maneuverability.