Mattress Pumps, Motors, & Power Cords

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Use air and foam mattresses in combination with a choice of hand or electrical pumps to fully control patient comfort in a medical environment. Adjust beds to individual needs and modify mattress firmness as dictated by treatment. Air replacement systems ensure minute-to-minute patient comfort.

Choose mattress replacement systems to provide patients with continuous comfort. Adjust the settings per patient or treatment specifications and then let the computer take over as it optimizes pressure redistribution to replace lost air immediately. Mattress replacement systems remove the need for fussing with air mattress settings once the initial parameters are established.

Easily Adjustable
As patients come and go or change rooms, air mattresses and pumps allow you to quickly adapt beds to meet specific needs. Adjust firmness as needed for back problems or just to ensure those in your care get a peaceful night's sleep. High-capacity electric air pumps quickly fill up an air mattress or remove air as needed to allow you to swiftly make necessary adjustments in a busy work environment.

Combine a selection of adjustable air mattresses with foam and fiber mattresses to find the perfect fit for each individual. Use pillows to provide patients with a comfortable place to rest their heads while meeting the needs for use in a medical environment. Chair overlays can be used to provide the same level of comfort for patients who wish to spend some time upright.

Medical mattresses maximize both form and function. Patients rest easy on inner spring mattresses or adjustable air mattresses while anti-bacterial, flame retardant, and waterproof vinyl covering allows caretakers to easily clean bedding for reuse.

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