Measuring & Leveling Tools

Measuring and leveling tools let you precisely measure large and small lengths and areas. They are essential for building, drafting, and engineering. Building or completing repairs is easier with measuring and leveling tools such as straight-edge rulers, compasses, tape measures, and squares.

Create Perfect Circles
Radius markers from Contour and Curv-O-Mark come in various sizes and let you make circles with ease. Protractors help you measure angles in a 180-degree or 360-degree space.

Draw Lines Accurately
Use a straight-edge ruler to get a perfectly straight line every time. Squares let you draw corners on your draft or blueprint.

Account for Natural Variations
Levels let you account for natural variations in your building site by letting you determine whether something is truly level. Stud finders let you accurately determine where studs are in your wall, eliminating guessing.