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First Aid Only Kit Scissors with 4" Angled Blade, Red (730010)
Item #71276
Model #730010
  • The ideal pair of scissors for any first aid kit
  • Unique angled-blade design
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Emergency and first aid kits often include medical scissors and other supplies to help during the time of an accident. Scissors come in different sizes and colors, which can help separate certain scissors for different tasks. This sharp tool is an asset to any supply kit held in high-traffic areas, such as classrooms and gymnasiums. Shop Staples for a large selection of accessories and products to help in the home, office and classroom.

Consider the Type of Medical Scissors for the Task
Scissors with nonstick titanium blades can easily cut through cloth, gauze and similar materials. The nonstick feature helps prevent the blades from sticking together when cutting through tape. Stainless steel blades effortlessly cut through gauze and other material, and the blades are sharp and precise enough to use for several types of first aid tasks. A comfortable grip and the ability to adjust the blade tension makes the scissors user-friendly. A small, lightweight pair of scissors can easily fit inside a shirt pocket, which makes the utensil simple for nurses, paramedics and other medical professionals to carry.

A Variety of Blades and Handles That Match Any Type of Medical Scissor
Scissor blades are available in stainless steel and titanium; additionally, the scissor handles come in different colors, like red, blue and black. Consider using different handle colors to associate particular scissors for certain tasks inside a medical office or nurse's station. A sharp blade with an angled tip can help cut through material with precision. Scissors are designed with either long or short blades to help with many types of medical jobs. A standard pair of stainless steel medical scissors complements a basic first aid kit used in the home and office. Additional items, like tweezers and Band-Aids, are also useful to include in an emergency kit. You should add one of Staples scissor sharpeners to your list of new office supplies.

What Are Bandage Shears and How Are They Different Than Medical Scissors?
A type of scissor style designed with an angled and blunt blade tip, so the implement does not puncture the skin when the user cuts through a gauze dressing wrapped around a wound. Sewing scissors help medical professionals quickly change bandages on an injured patient or cut medical tape to use in an emergency situation.

What Is a Safe Way to Clean Medical Scissors?
Rubbing alcohol is an easy and safe way to clean scissor blades. Break apart any scissors that include screws to ensure the entire blade surface and any crevices between the blade and the handle are kept clean and free of debris. If the scissors are soaked in warm soap and water, then make sure the blades are completely dry before packing the item away. This will help to avoid any possible breakdown of the blade due to moisture. A piece of cloth or alternative material can help protect the scissor blades from causing any puncture holes to other items inside a bag or emergency kit.

What Are Alternative Uses for Medical Scissors?
These products have diverse applications. Anglers, scuba divers and boat owners often use small and durable scissors to help cut fishing line and string. They're also useful for removing clamshell or other types of plastic packaging from recently bought items.