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HON Foundation 47"Dia. Round Conference Table, Mahogany Laminate (HONLMC48DN)
Item #2843411
  • Made of scratch-, spill- and stain-resistant thermal-fused laminate with woodgrain mahogany finish
  • Comfortably accommodates up to four people
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HON Foundation 72"W x 36"D Rectangle Conference Table, Panel Base, Mahogany Finish (HONLMC72RN)
Item #2843337
  • Mahogany Thermal Fused Laminate (TFL)
  • Seats up to 6 people comfortably
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Offices to go Superior 48" Round Conference Table, Artisan Gray (TDSL48RAGL)
Item #24418337
  • Comes in artisan gray and made of laminate
  • Dimensions: 29.5"H x 48"Dia.
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HON Manage Table Desk, 60"W, Wheat Laminate, Ash Finish (BSXMNG60WKSLW)HON Manage Table Desk, 60"W, Wheat Laminate, Ash Finish (BSXMNG60WKSLW)
  • This space-saving 60"W table desk includes four legs and plenty of worksurface for computing and active projects
  • Laminate color is Wheat; paint color is Ash
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Linea Italia Rectangular Conference Table, Cherry/Silver (ZUC118)Linea Italia Rectangular Conference Table, Cherry/Silver (ZUC118)
Item #24316501
Model #ZUC118
  • Smooth wood laminate surface, cherry/silver finish
  • Seats 6 people
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Offices to go Superior 95" Racetrack Conference Table, Artisan Gray (TDSL9544RSAGL)
Item #24418350
Model #TDSL9544RSAGL
  • Comes in artisan gray and made of laminate
  • Dimensions: 29.5"H x 95"W x 44"D
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Regency Legacy 95" Racetrack Conference Table, Mahogany (LCTRT9543MH)Regency Legacy 95" Racetrack Conference Table, Mahogany (LCTRT9543MH)
Item #597298
Model #LCTRT9543MH
  • Laminate top with rich mahogany finish
  • Comfortably accommodates up to eight people
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Offices to go Superior 71" Racetrack Conference Table, Artisan Gray (TDSL7136RSAGL)
Item #24418378
Model #TDSL7136RSAGL
  • Comes in artisan gray and made of laminate
  • Dimensions: 29.5"H x 71"W x 36"D
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Safco Flip-N-Go Table Top, 60w X 18d, Folkstone
Item #MLN1860TFLK4
Model #1860TFLK4
  • 1" thick thermally fused laminate top with standard T-mold edge
  • CARB compliant, particle board core
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Bush Business Furniture 96W x 42D Boat Shaped Conference Table with Wood Base, Storm Gray (99TB9642SGK)Bush Business Furniture 96W x 42D Boat Shaped Conference Table with Wood Base, Storm Gray (99TB9642SGK)
10% off
Item #24343608
Model #99TB9642SGK
  • Thermally fused laminate surface resists scratches and stains to give the Conference Table a professional look for years to come, Storm Gray finish
  • Boat Shaped Conference Table provides comfortable seating for 6-8 people
Reg.  $586.99
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Conference rooms are some of the most important rooms in an office setup. The type of conference room tables and chairs say a lot about the office style. The design of the furniture can either set a good or bad impression, hence the need to carefully chose the best. Browse through the home and office tables section at Staples to find pieces of furniture that suit your office needs.

Conference room tables portray the style and class of an office
When deciding the type of table to put in a conference room, the dimensions of the room must come into play. Some conference rooms are large, requiring multiple tables lined up together. Others are for short meetings requiring round or square tables. Most office furniture designers advise that the colors and materials that make up these conference tables ought to conform to the interior decor.

Conference rooms have evolved over time, with more uses allocated to these rooms aside from having meetings. It's also possible to use a conference room for entertainment purposes. Supporting equipment like speakers, TV systems, and audio/visual devices enhance the use of the room. Some conference rooms act as training rooms and as well as interview rooms. These uses dictate the shape, quality, and structure of a conference room table.

Some customized conference tables have enough spaces for charging ports, microphone spots, and cables to run through. Others are long for board room meetings, while those meant for interviews and one-on-one engagements are small and compact.

Determining the shapes and the fit of conference room tables
Table shape communicates specific subtext understood in an office setup. Round tables promote a sense of togetherness, energy, and equality. There is a feeling that all at the table are on board. Rectangular tables often have a position reserved for the leader. Rectangular conference room tables are ideal for hierarchical setups where the senior officers sit at the helm of the business.

Triangular conference tables bring out energy and action. Those sitting at a triangular table conduct transitional activities. Always choose to work with a conference table that allows space for movement around the room.

Does technology determine the type of table in a conference room?
If you plan to use a conference room for different communication setups, the table should conform to your needs. For example, members in a meeting may need to engage in a digital activity like voting. In this case, the table ought to have the necessary instruments for that activity. These include microphone ports, telephone nodes, and any other communication framework.

Can a conference table work as a dining table?
In some cases, a conference room hosts a meal session and requires a table that can serve as a dining table. The table should not be too high or too low when compared to the chairs used. However, not all conference tables are ideal for dining. The most preferred for such activities are rectangular tables and not rounded ones.

Are there detachable conference room tables for breakout sessions?
Sometimes a conference meeting requires the team members to break out in small units in the same conference room. This should not mean bringing in new furniture. A flexible and detachable conference table perfectly suits this type of separation. It should also be easy to attach and detach.

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