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Utility carts serve many purposes in the home and in the office, making it easy to move supplies, files or boxes from one area to another. Some also double as storage units for small areas including a laundry closet or dorm room. Widely used in the hospitality industry such as nursing homes, hotels and restaurants, they come in a variety of sizes and colors, with a durable construction that's built to last.

Choose from Several Materials and Styles
Utility carts come in plastic or metal, with either solid or wire shelves. Plastic units typically have an injection-molded construction that eliminates seams, creating a solid design that stands up to consistent use. They're often made with scratch, dent and rust-resistant materials. Steel carts feature welded legs for built-in durability. Depending on the size of the cart, they can hold anywhere from 6 to 200 pounds per shelf, with select models holding up to 1,000 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

Many utility carts have fixed shelves, though some come with adjustable or removable options to accommodate a variety of supplies. If you're handling liquids or food, consider a model that has a lip to prevent accidental spills or a basket-type shelf that offers more security. Select units come with a cabinet that lets you secure more sensitive materials and documents with a lock and key mechanism, and you can find models that also double as a portable workstation with a pullout keyboard tray. Those who like to walk to the market can benefit from a utility cart that features a deep basket and works as a shopping cart to carry groceries and other goods home.

Enjoy Additional Storage
While some service carts only have a top and bottom shelf, others come with three or four shelves, offering more space for those who need it. Multi-tiered units work well for mail clerks who deliver parcels and letters throughout a large building or file clerks who work in busy government or legal offices. Those who work in the hospitality industry, delivering meals to rooms or patients, can also benefit from the additional storage.

Those who work in a school setting may use a utility cart as a means of transporting a television and media player to various classrooms, libraries or auditoriums. These units come with drop leaf shelves on either side to support speakers or a projector. They have outlets to plug in various devices and come with cable holes to keep the wires organized and prevent tangling.

Promote Easy Transport
Utility carts come with at least four wheels for easy maneuverability, though the structure may vary. Some have polyurethane wheels that eliminate marking while others have 360-degree casters that move seamlessly over nearly any surface. Brakes on the wheels prevent the unit from rolling away during periods of inactivity. Many units also have some form of handle that lets the user direct movement, and some come with dual handles, one on each end for built-in versatility. Non-slip rubber grips improve hold and provide comfort, especially for those who push carts around for long periods of time.