Mops & Brooms for Home & Office

Sweeping and mopping floors are familiar household tasks, and the right mops and brooms make it simple to take care of this job quickly and efficiently. Staples carries many brands of floor-cleaning products, including Rubbermaid, Swiffer and O'Dell, that work well in the home or a commercial setting. Use them to clean kitchen or bathroom floors, hard surfaced stairs and halls or outdoor living areas.

Clean Any Floor Quickly
These products handle a broad range of floor materials and surface finishes. Stiff broom bristles quickly pick up loose dirt and debris from almost any hard floor, including outdoor locations with rougher finishes such as decks, carports or sidewalks. Kitchen mops are an excellent way to remove dried-on food or clean up sticky spills, and push-style dust sweepers make it easy to quickly clean large areas such as gym floors or hallways in commercial buildings.

Easy-to-use Mops and Sweepers
Many products have features that make them lighter, smaller and easier to handle. Squeezer and roller heads eliminate bucket-mounted wringers and reduce the overall weight of cleaning tools. Angled sweeper heads reach into corners easily and durable nylon or natural fiber bristles resist wear. Some products have disposable pads that eliminate the need to clean and dry mop or duster heads after each use. Floor cleaners with built-in spray applicators reduce the effort required to handle cleaning tasks.

A Size for Any Job
Floor-cleaning products come in a range of sizes. Standard sweepers and mops handle most household floors, but small hand brooms may be a better choice for cleanup tasks in retail or commercial spaces or for keeping an RV or camper neat and tidy. Store a floor cleaner with a cleanser applicator in a hall closet to take care of high-traffic areas, or keep a heavy-duty push broom with stiff bristles in the garage to clean leaves or grass clippings off sidewalks and patios.

Flexible Commercial Cleaning Solutions
For commercial needs, heavy-duty floor cleaning products can take care of the largest space. Many commercial mops include tailbands that prevent tangles and let workers cover more floor area with each pass, which improves team efficiency. They also use different materials, cotton, rayon, microfiber and blends, to handle specific tasks such as spill removal, floor finish application or cleaning anti-skid floors. Select products use antimicrobial fibers that are ideal for use in healthcare settings or commercial kitchens.

Green Cleaning Options
Many of these products feature renewable or recycled materials that keep waste out of landfills and reduce the raw materials used in their manufacture. Synthetic yarns and fabrics made from PET plastics turn water and soda bottles into practical cleaning products, and natural products such as corn fiber, bamboo and Palmyra represent a renewable source of materials that conserves natural resources.

Sweepers and kitchen mops are excellent tools for keeping floors clean in the home or a commercial setting. They include products with convenience features that simplify and speed up cleanup tasks. Shop the many cleaning products available at Staples and keep the floors in your home or office spotless.
Libman Broom with Dustpan, 2/Carton (919)
Item #2503531
Model #00919
  • Broom and open lid dustpan set is great for all on-the-move applications for sweeping up and carrying debris
  • Overall dimensions: 40.25"H x 12.00"W x 3.25"D
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19% off
Quickie Flip-Lock Dust Pan & Lobby Broom (429ZQK)
Item #866849
Model #429
  • Split tip poly fibers on broom
  • Large capacity dust pan
Reg.  $12.59
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Butler Angle Broom with Dustpan (411206)
Item #949807
Model #411206
  • Broom and dustpan set is great for all on-the-move applications for sweeping up and carrying debris
  • Made from white plastic with green bristles
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Quickie® Bulldozer™ Brush and Dust Pan Set (402ZQK)
Item #2836114
Model #402ZQK
  • Flagged poly fibers to help gather dust and dirt particles
  • 10-inch-wide dustpan features a serrated edge to help clean off brush fibers
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Quickie® 24" Smooth Surface Push Broom (533)
Item #884721
Model #533
  • Features a 3"H bristle
  • Heavy-duty resin block
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O'Dell Slant Mini Angled Broom (C00081-M)
Item #732778
Model #C00081-M
  • Angle head broom is designed to reach into the tightest corners very easily
  • Flagged synthetic bristles sweep fine particles as well as large debris
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14% off
Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Dry Disposable Sweeping Cloths, Pack of 32 (77198)
Item #24322164
Model #77198
  • 2x more trap plus lock of dirt, dust, and hair vs. multi-surface Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth
  • Over 30,000 3D fibers brush into tight spaces gathering dust, dirt, and pet hair
Reg.  $13.99
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Rubbermaid Executive Lobby 35"H Broom, Black (FG637400BLA)
Item #756806
Model #FG637400BLA
  • Broom is designed to reach into the tightest corners very easily
  • Vinyl handle
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Quickie Bulldozer Landscaper's Standard Broom (7576ZQK)
Item #2837111
Model #7576ZQK
  • Super stiff broom fibers sweep heavy debris such as rocks and mulch
  • Use to loosening caked-on mulch, dried up mud and other stubborn residues
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O'Dell Slant Angled Broom, Yellow (F11601M)
Item #727887
Model #F11601M
  • Angled broom is designed to reach into the tightest corners very easily
  • It measures 53" length for effective cleaning
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