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Office telephones make it easy to reach out to customers for one-on-one conversations. Modern phones come with a bevy of features that enhance efficiency. Many models allow you to attach multiple sets and manage a number of lines with the touch of a button.

Clear Communications
Office phone systems feature high-quality sound reception and delivery that make it easy to understand customers. Call centers and small business operations benefit from being able to clearly understand both incoming and outgoing calls. Many systems allow for integration with Bluetooth and similar hands-free technology.

Integrated Features
Advanced office phone systems provide integrated versions of many popular phone services. These include access to caller ID, one-button voicemail and callback functions. Office phone accessories can help you further enhance the functionality of your office communications systems.

Voice Server Compatible
Many modern phone systems designed for office use connect with voice servers for integrated system management. These servers allow for remote operation by multiple users, and also track a variety of metrics, including call times and use of call waiting or hold buttons, which are especially important for call centers or businesses that rely heavily on customer service and sales calls. Voice servers may be standalone systems or require an additional subscription for off-site management.

Multiple Lines and Phones
Modern office telephones make it easy to manage multiple lines through the use of additional buttons installed into handsets or phone bases. Some systems allow you to connect 15 or more phones to a single base or voice server, providing an integrated solution for multiple users. All of these systems can dramatically simplify large-scale phone operations.

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