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Gry Mattr Laptop Backpack, Plaid, Gray (RQ26550)Gry Mattr Laptop Backpack, Plaid, Gray (RQ26550)
Item #24417132
Model #A2455 GM GRY
  • Backpack is perfect for carrying all of your supplies
  • Plaid backpack comes in gray and made of polyurethane
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Backpacks make it easy to carry large loads because they distribute the weight of the pack over the strongest muscles in the body -- the back and the abdominals. Plaid backpacks have a multicolor, patterned design that goes with nearly any style of dress. Plaid backpacks deliver the function and design of a standard pack with the style and sophistication of an upmarket handbag.

Choosing a Suitable Plaid Backpack
There are several main things to consider when purchasing plaid backpacks. For style and fashion, choose a plaid bag that features colors that best match your wardrobe. For function, the first thing to look at is the capacity. A standard book bag can hold a computer and several binders to accommodate a day's worth of classes. A weekend leather backpack holds enough materials for one to three nights. It's ideal for short trips and overnight stays. A multiday pack holds three to five nights' worth of gear. An extended-trip bag can hold enough personal items for close to a week's worth of hiking and camping, which is ideal for families with young children.

Available Options for Plaid Backpacks
Some plaid Jansport backpacks come with zippered compartments to keep supplies and papers organized so they are easier to locate. A large padded interior pocket offers a place to keep a computer without causing scratches to the exterior of the device. There are also dedicated tablet sleeves to keep delicate electronics separate from binders or spiral notebooks.

For easy transport to and from class or when hiking and camping, padded and adjustable shoulder straps keep the pack comfortable to reduce strain. Some plaid bags are made from waterproof nylon to safeguard contents when you're walking in the rain.

How Do You Clean a Plaid Backpack?
Most plaid backpacks are machine washable for quick and easy cleanup. Empty out the bag, and be sure to check all the pockets. Throw the bag in the wash by itself with a small amount of detergent. Turn the bag inside out, and then hang it up to dry. Plaid patterns tend to hide dirt extremely well, so you may be able to spot clean the bag with a damp towel and a small amount of dish soap.

What Are the Loops on a Plaid Backpack For?
Some laptop backpacks have loops on the bottom of the bag. These hooks are made for attaching trekking poles for climbing and even securing a tripod for photographers to carry along with other gear. Using a carabiner clip, you can attach everything from a sleeping bag to a lunch bag.

How Do You Pack a Plaid Backpack for School?
Because a rolling backpack can only hold so much, it's important to scale down and house only the necessities. Organize your bag in order of your schedule, with items for your last class at the bottom. To save space, use a large binder with tab inserts to separate class material. Include at least two writing instruments to ensure you are prepared and a highlighter for notating special information or taking notes. For a pink backpack with an outside pocket, store a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.