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Reflex Hammers

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Health care professionals use reflex hammers to test patient reflexes to assess nerve function and general health. Durable steel hammers stand up to regular use to last for a long time. Hammers with built-in needles and brushes provide additional diagnostic tools while keeping your office organized.

Perform Multiple Tests
Reflex hammers with integrated needle and brush compartments allow you to perform a range of reflex tests with one convenient tool. Store the needle and brush back into the body of the hammer for a neater office and always know exactly where they are when you need them. The needle and brush tools are also useful for removing dressings and bandages.

Deliver Accurate Results
Properly sized reflex hammers create just the right force to trigger a reflex response. Choose specially designed infant hammers for use with young children while standard adult hammers provide the right weight for teens and adults. Use reflex hammers in conjunction with lighted eye scopes for more extensive reflex testing.

Reduce Spread of Germs
Sterile hammers reduce the transfer of germs in the health care setting. Keep a fresh supply of hammers handy, and use a new hammer with each patient to avoid the need for frequent sterilizing. Hammers with smooth surfaces are easy to clean and sterilize for repeat use.

Remain Strong Over Time
Stainless steel hammers do not rust or corrode to deliver years of use from a single hammer. Durable construction and sturdy rubber heads stay together use after use. Easy-to-use screw caps keep needles and brushes safely inside the head of the hammer and the base of the handle when they are not needed while providing easy access for additional reflex tests.

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Buck Neurological Hammer
Item: 640093 / Model : 26
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  • Standard Buck Neurological Hammer with Stainless Steel Design with Dual Rubber Heads
  • Needle and Metal Bristle Brush Are Removable - Needle Is Stored In The Hammer Head and Brush Is Stored In The Handle
  • Ideal for Testing Reflexes and Measuring Nerve Sensitivity
11.99 $11.99
Mabis 3" x 9" Rubber Buck Neurological Hammer
Item: 1375982 / Model : 35-786-000
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  • Application/Usage: Cutting Bandages & Gauze, Removing Small Wood & Metal Objects
  • Includes: Brush & Needle
  • Features: Chrome Plated Handle with Brush & Needle
19.89 $19.89