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Sargent Art Safety Scissor, 4.75" Plastic Blunt Tip, Orange (SAR220901)
Item #272578
Model #SAR220901
  • Kid Scissors for arts and crafts
  • Approx. 5" Length
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Sargent Art® 5" Child's Safety Blunt Tip Scissor
Item #273904
Model #SAR220903
  • Grades: Toddler - 12th
  • Age: 3 - 18+ years
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Sargent Art® 5" Left or Right Handed Bulk Pointed Scissors, 36/Bundle (SAR220914)
Out of Stock
Item #273807
Model #SAR220914
  • Blue handles
  • Grades: Toddler - 12th
Sargent Art Craft scissors are essential tools for scrapbooking, art projects, classrooms, and summer camps. They are easy to use for all ages and safe for children. Staples® carries a variety of quality brands of scissors that are excellent for experienced crafters and new learners with comfortable grips, different blade lengths, materials, and colors.

Choosing Sargent Art Craft Scissors for Your Project
For paper projects, consider all-purpose craft scissors that can cut through paper, cardstock, yarn, thread, and light fabrics. These have two straight blades and are between 5 and 10 inches long. Another popular type of scissors for scrapbooking and cardmaking have jagged blades or blades that can create different patterns. If you plan to cut through materials with sticky adhesives, use blades with a non-stick coating, such as Teflon™, that reduces the amount of glue buildup. Nonstick blades are safer to use because they offer a smooth cut and won't jam from the sticky adhesive.

Features of Sargent Art Craft Scissors for Children
For crafting with kids, consider plastic kid's scissors. These school supplies have round tips for more safety and 5-inch plastic blades. The handles come with small thumb and finger loops to help kids learn control while cutting straight lines and different patterns. Handles that are too big are hard to control and quickly lead to hand fatigue. Older children can use kids' pointed-tip scissors with 5-inch angled safety blades for better precision. Children ages 12 and older are often ready for an intermediate pair that are strong enough to cut through thicker materials and sharp enough to cut intricate patterns. Known as student scissors, they use 7-inch precision-tip blades. High school students, teachers, and other experienced users may choose an 8-inch graduate pair for even greater control. Another popular feature is the antimicrobial handle. This helps reduce the spread of germs by preventing the growth of bacteria.

How Comfortable Are Sargent Art Craft Scissors?
Most handles come with rubber, silicon, or soft plastic grips that have finger grooves to prevent slipping. Ergonomic handles also limit hand strain, reduce fatigue from cutting, and can prevent blisters. Arthritis sufferers can opt for spring-action scissors that are easy to cut with.

Do Sargent Art Craft Scissors Come in Different Colors?
Whether you want to match all of your crafting supplies by color or like to assign different colors to children in an art class, having scissors with a variety of handle colors is helpful. These are also available in multipacks of single or multiple colors.

How Do You Care for Sargent Art Craft Scissors?
Craft scissors get dirtier than tools used on fabric only because of the different materials, such as paint and adhesive, that they come in contact with. Always clean blades and handles before storing them in a dry area to prevent rusting. Use a light abrasive cloth to remove debris that's caked or dried onto the blades.

Are Left-Handed Sargent Art Craft Scissors Available?
Yes, several brands offer handles for both left-handed and right-handed users. The upper blade should be on the dominant hand's side to give the user a clear view while cutting for better control.

The Best Sargent Art Scissors

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