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School Uniforms

Shop School Uniforms at Staples®
Kids’ school uniforms from French Toast® are now available at Staples. Having successfully dressed school children since 1958, French Toast can be counted on to consistently deliver style, durability and comfort. The entire collection consists of: blouses, shirts, sweaters, cardigans, Polos, pants, skirts, scooters, jumpers, dresses, shorts and even blazers and shoes. Shopping the potentially endless combinations of mix-and-match apparel available in a wide array of colors and styles will ensure your youngsters have a fully stocked wardrobe.

School Uniforms Were Never This Much Fun
Your children will be pleased to be sent back to school in style. Because fashion is important to them, they will look forward to getting dressed each morning in today’s top trends. Both boys and girls alike will delight in creating each day’s ensemble, pairing classic dress shirts and Oxfords with sweaters and sweater vests. With an assortment of adjustable waist, pleated, pull-up and dress pants available in classic colors like navy, grey, black and khaki, your children will have a different exciting look for each new day.

Don’t forget, no look is complete without appropriate outerwear and shoes. Self-Close Strap Shoes for both boys and girls can seamlessly tie an outfit together, topped off with a tasteful unisex lined jacket.

If you had been wondering where to buy school uniforms, Staples is the place. We like to make your search for school clothes a family affair. Get started by making your selections together below and check back for updates often.