About this product

Smear TUFF® Easy Slide 3 Tab legal size hanging folder in assorted color is perfect for home/office use to organize and keep documents in order.

  • Heavy duty oversized Easy Slide Tab easily slides and secures into any position
  • Easy Slide Tab is compatible with labels from most common label makers - simply slide label tape into tab
  • Specially designed reinforced channel rods are 40% stronger to reduce paper tearing and rod bending
  • Scored for 3/4"
  • Special reinforced rods resist bending and tearing
  • 1/3-cut tabs; blank, white inserts included
  • 11-pt. colored stock
  • Assorted packs include blue, red and yellow
  • Contains 10% recycled content, 10% post-consumer material
  • Legal size
  • 15 per box
Seven times stronger than the leading competitor's hanging folder