Soils, Fertilizers & Mulch

Soils, fertilizers, and mulch create the perfect ground for plants thanks to helpful minerals and vitamins they infuse into the soil. Choose from fertilizers with nitrogen or potassium minerals for ground that needs a boost. Opt for organic potting soil with the natural minerals your plants need.

Provides Food for Plants
Fertilizers work because they have the right combinations of minerals to feed your plants. These products disperse minerals such as phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen to your plants via spray or sprinkle options, so the plants can absorb the vital nutrients and grow stronger. Combined with rainwater or other fertilizer mixtures, your plants receive the best food for growth and stability.

Gives Your Plants Solid Ground
With soil and mulch, you can give your plant a sturdy place to grow. Soils have the nutrients and vitamins your plants need and the support needed to hold up the stock and allow the roots to spread. By adding mulch on top of your soil, you provide a protective layer that holds in water, keeping your plants hydrated even on hot days.

Perfect for Raised Beds
If you prefer to use raised beds to house your plants and to keep animals away from them, fertilizers, soil, and mulch are best used to fill the bed with the perfect mixture of elements. Simply fill your garden bed with soil, plant your seeds, sprinkle the area with fertilizers, and place your mulch on top to keep the moisture in. Use this method to quickly see new plants in your garden bed, with the added benefit of keeping out rabbits or other ground rodents that could damage your crops.