Sterilization Wrappers

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Use sterilization wrappers for highly efficient sterilization of surgical implements in a fast-paced environment. Color-coding options and a variety of finishes make it possible to find the right wrapper for each workspace. Many wrappers are designed for efficient storage and quick access.

Color-Coded Simplicity
Choose from sterilization wrappers that are color-coded for ease of identification, organization, and maintenance, ideal for use in a fast-paced medical environment where high efficiency is key. Soft yet easily noticeable colors help professionals identify supplies and keep an orderly surgical environment, while designs with specially stitched edges provide even more color-coding options. This not only makes equipment exchange in high-pressure situations go faster, but it helps reduce the likelihood of a medical error as well.

Select two-ply sterilization wrappers for a medium weight material that stands up against regular use. Polyester-cotton blend wrappers offer great durability at a relatively low material weight for ease of use and transport. Look for carbon-fiber blends for very lightweight fabric with flexibility and durability on the job.

Utility Finishing
With a variety of materials and fabric finishes to choose from, it is easy to select a sterilization wrapper that works well for the job at hand, from routine cleaning to highly specialized equipment transport. Choose a lightweight woven blend with a textured finish for a sterilization wrapper that won't attract lint or dust in the environment, leaving more time for other aspects of surgical instrument sterilization. Sturdier yarn blends with fluid-repellent finishes offer protection against spillage, moisture, and help control static in the surgical area.

Easy Storage
Lightweight fabric blends and textured surfaces make the storage process a quick and easy one, reducing the time and amount of effort it takes to select a new wrapper and store clean ones away for future use. Easy storage and laundering makes changing out materials even more efficient, saving time and valuable resources. Stackability means that each wrapper takes up less space, leaving room to store more items and freeing up new storage options, such as counters and shelves.

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