Amnio Hooks

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Include amnio hooks in your surgical tool collection to handle situations where manual rupture of the amniotic sac is required. Keep these sterile surgical tools in the delivery room for easy access. Whether you're a midwife or an obstetrician, amnio hooks make handling tough deliveries easier.

Safe and Hygienic
Because amnio hooks are single-use items, they come in bulk packs that let you grab a new hook for each sac rupture procedure. These tools are sterile to prevent contamination of the vaginal tract or uterus, and the small hook at the end of each stick is designed to gently rupture the sac without damaging delicate maternal or fetal tissues. Amnio hooks are also easy to dispose of once the laboring woman's sac has been punctured.

Reliable Performance
Sturdy plastic amnio hooks maintain their strength and shape during vigorous contractions, ensuring reliable performance when used to augment labor that is already in progress. The classic hook design ensures consistent results every time you use one, making it easy to predict and prepare for the resultant rush of amniotic fluid. Make every delivery go as smoothly as possible by stocking your delivery room with all of the tools you might need, including amnio hooks, umbilical cord clamps, anesthesia supplies, and surgical drapes.

Easy to Use
In the hands of a trained midwife or doctor, amnio hooks are easy to use. Whether you're inducing labor in a preeclamptic patient or augmenting a long labor that has stalled, amnio hooks give you a convenient way to quickly scrape the amniotic membrane to allow release of amniotic fluid. Amnio hooks also come in handy for inserting an internal fetal monitor on the baby's scalp in the uterus.

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