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Stockinettes create a soft skin covering under casts and over wound dressings. Stretchy, knit fabric creates a gentle compression that protects the skin and comfortably improves circulation. Choose tubular stockinettes for easy application over limbs or single-layer rolls for general utility use.

Increase Patient Comfort
Swathe patient skin in layers of smooth stockinette for comfortable cast application and wound care. Stretchy stockinette fabric lays flat without wrinkling for a snug fit with no constricted areas or pinched folds of skin. Choose synthetic polyester stockinettes for extra stretch and compression or breathable all-cotton stockinettes depending on your patients' needs.

Hold Dressings Firmly in Place
Stretchy, ribbed stockinettes slip over wound dressings on limbs to hold bandages firmly in place. Use tubular stockinettes to create gentle compression over the dressing, or apply layers of ridged single-layer stockinettes to prevent slippage and hold dressings securely. Stockinette material creates a secure, consistent layer over dressings, which reduces wound irritation to promote fast healing.

Maintain a Sterile Environment
Sterile stockinettes cover arms and legs to maintain a germ-free environment during surgical procedures. For surgical use, choose stockinettes with an impenetrable outer layer for maximum sterility and a soft inner layer for patient comfort. Add a supply of sterile stockinettes to your standard surgical drapes and covers to reduce the risk of infection following surgery.

Easy to Use
Both tubular and single-layer non-sterile stockinettes are available in easy-to-use rolls. Convenient dispenser boxes allow the removal of the exact amount of stockinette needed to reduce waste. Choose sterile stockinettes with accordion folds and pull tabs to minimize the time necessary for draping and ease limb handling.

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