Streaming Media Players

Bid farewell to your clunky CD and DVD collections — these streaming media players play music and videos over the Internet. Whether you're watching TV or renting movies, you'll enjoy top-notch performance. Choose wired or wireless units from top brands such as Google, Amazon, and Apple.

Multiple Channel Access
Enjoy access to all of your favorite media channels, from Netflix to Hulu Plus, all from one device. Simply log into your account for each channel to enjoy instant streaming. Many models also connect to Amazon Instant Video, Apple iTunes, and Google Play, giving you access to hundreds of movies, television shows, apps, and songs.

Easy Connection
These streaming media players connect to your television quickly, so you can start watching videos, movies, and shows immediately. Some models plug directly into your, while others require a simple cable connection. For flexible entertainment system setup, choose a media player that connects to your TV wirelessly using your home Wi-Fi network.

Convenient Controls
With streaming media players, there's no need to get up to change the channel. Control the player with a remote control, computer, tablet, or even from your smartphone. Simply download the app to enjoy total control from anywhere in the house.

Remote Storage
Each of these media players streams content from a remote storage location using your Internet connection, so there's no need to use a large hard drive or bulky DVD collection. Purchase as many movies, songs, and TV shows as you want, and access them at any time. Each player uses the latest streaming technology to offer seamless, skip-free playback for your enjoyment.