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Briggs Healthcare
Briggs Healthcare Extender Hip  Kit
Item #384686
Model #641-8177-0000
  • 1 lbs.
  • 24" x 36"
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Synthetic dressings keep wounds clean while mimicking the natural healing process. Biosynthetic cellulose keeps wounds optimally hydrated for faster healing. Add dressing aid kits to your post-surgical care routine for increased patient independence following surgery, injuries, or other trauma.

Promotes Healing
Synthetic dressings promote healing by forming a protective barrier between wounds and possible contaminants. Keep wounds clean with synthetic materials that absorb discharge or hydrate wounds as needed to create a natural healing environment. Active fluid management through materials created by advanced technology ensures that wounds stays naturally moist enough to heal quickly while still dry enough to discourage infection.

Synthetic dressings are multipurpose to promote healing for different types of wounds. Scrapes, cuts, burns, and tears are all candidates for biosynthetic cellulose dressings. Use synthetic dressings in conjunction with porous transparent film dressing to create an optimal healing environment.

Choose non-adherent synthetic dressings to cover wounds painlessly. The special synthetic material does not stick to wounds, making dressing changes easy for the caregiver and more comfortable for the patient. Add patient dressing kits to your wound care plan to help patients carry out day-to-day tasks without overexerting themselves for quicker healing.

Faster Independence
Patient dressing kits provide tools for newly discharged patients to get back their independence. Improve your patients' self-confidence levels by giving them the tools they need to perform daily hygiene and dressing tasks on their own. Minimize wait times by keeping a supply of kits with an assortment of tools, such as extenders, reachers, and dressing sticks, on hand to send home with patients who need them.