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A packing tape dispenser automatically rolls out and snips the end of a packing tape. Compared to taping boxes by hand, this useful tool makes sealing packages easy and saves valuable time. There are many different types of tape dispensers and you can find them all at Staples.

Secure Shipping Boxes Easily with Handheld Tape Dispensers
Compared to desktop tape dispensers, handheld models offer portability and better control. Desktop dispensers large enough to handle packing tapes are usually heavy and have weighted bases. Therefore, users have to bring the boxes to the dispensers. In contrast, handheld tape dispensers are lightweight and portable. They're also designed for convenient one-handed operation. The typical packing dispenser has a plastic body and a metal blade. High-end models also have ergonomic pistol grips made of foam or rubber. This design reduces hand fatigue while speeding up the packaging process.

Choosing the Right Packing Tape Dispenser
The right tape dispenser to buy depends on how you intended to use the tool. A basic model will do the job if you don't plan to use it frequently or if you only seal small boxes. A premium model, with a pistol grip and sturdy build, is more appropriate for frequent users. Those who ship out large boxes regularly need heavy-duty tape dispensers. Make sure to consider tape size before ordering a packing dispenser. Note the core size and width of the packaging tape you have and confirm that it can fit inside the dispenser of your choice. Most tape rolls are between 2 and 3 inches wide.

What is the Core Size of a Packing Tape?
The core size of packing tape is measured by the inner diameter of the tape roll. A box-sealing tape usually consists of a roll of sticky, pressure-sensitive polypropylene or polyester film wrapped around a fiberboard ring. The core of a packing tape is the empty space inside the fiberboard ring.

How do You Load a Packing Tape Dispenser?
Slip the packing tape over the wheel of the dispenser. Depending on the type of dispenser, you may need to open the dispenser to do this. Tape guns with pistol grips generally have exposed wheels and are the easiest to load. Position the tape over the dispenser wheel so that it unwinds in a counterclockwise direction, with the sticky side facing down. Thread the free end of the tape between the dispenser's blade and shield. Lastly, cut the end tab off the tape by pulling it over the blade.

What is a Gummed Tape Dispenser?
These packing dispensers are designed for use with water-activated adhesive tapes. Usually a desktop machine, these dispensers measure, snip, moisten and roll out gummed or water-activated tapes. They are available in manual and electric models and are recommended for businesses that ship a lot of packages regularly.

What is the Difference between Shipping and Storage Tapes?
When ordering a packing tape dispenser, make sure to get the right kind of tapes for your boxes. Shipping and storage boxes need different types of packing tapes. Since storage boxes may need to remain sealed for extended periods of time, it is best to use acrylic packing tapes for them. Acrylic tapes can maintain their seal longer than shipping tapes. They also handle wide variations in temperature better. Shipping tapes, on other hand, have superior holding power and can withstand rough handling.