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Toilet Paper for the Restroom

With all the expensive and important supplies needed to run an office, it's easy to overlook one of an essential item: toilet paper. When you're running a business or office that has visiting guests, shopping customers and a payroll of employees, maintaining an adequate stock of bathroom tissue is a top priority.

To keep your bathroom equipped, choose among a diverse selection of paper products from Staples, including various levels of thickness, roll sizes and bulk quantities.

Consider Ply and Quality
A ply refers to the number of layers that compose the tissue paper. One-ply is the thinnest, with just one layer of material, and paper is available up to three plies in thickness. While single-ply paper is easy on the budget, thicker and extra-soft paper is much more luxurious and can make a good impression on clients and employees who want everyday comforts while at work.

In addition to thickness, consider the comfort and quality of extra-soft, embossed or rippled paper, which feels better against the skin. Extra-strong paper resists tearing and is more flexible. Other types of paper incorporate special textures, such as a washcloth-like surface, providing optimal clean-up efficiency.

Also bear in mind paper types designed to accommodate sensitive skin.

Stock Up On Toilet Paper
Whatever the size of your office, it's crucial to stock up ahead of time so there's no risk of embarrassing or desperate moments. You can find bulk packs of tissue paper that may include 12, 24, 40, 48 or 80 in a case, depending on the brand.

Buyers may sign up for Staples' auto-restock program to schedule shipments so they always have plenty of paper on hand.

The size of the roll itself can vary significantly. For example, standard rolls often contain about 200 sheets each, while others are much bigger and may have 1,000 sheets. Extra-large rolls designed for bulk dispensers can extend as long as 1,000 feet.

A high-capacity roll helps to reduce bathroom maintenance and janitorial work. Be sure to select a roll type appropriate for the type of dispenser your bathroom is equipped with. For example, some dispensers require rolls with a larger core. Rolls may come wrapped individually inside the case, or unwrapped.

Although wrapped rolls create more waste, they tend to be more sanitary during initial handling.

Go Green With Your Toilet Paper Selection
Offices with environmental goals can choose among a variety of eco-conscious bathroom tissue options. Tubeless toilet paper eliminates the unnecessary waste created by cardboard tube cores.

Many varieties use recycled paper or sustainably grown paper sources. Some brands are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, while others are dedicated to only using recycled paper for all their products.

For health and environmental purposes, you may prefer to choose unbleached, unscented varieties without chlorine, dyes or other additives. Most importantly, if your plumbing system is susceptible to clogging, be sure to choose a clog-free variety or a septic-safe selection.

Some companies offer guarantees that their toilet paper will flush safely.