Tube Securement Devices

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Keep tube securement devices on hand to facilitate the proper management of IV fluids and medication while ensuring patient comfort and reducing the risk of infection. These tube securement devices also reduce incidences of staff exposure to blood products during repeat venipuncture sticks.

Easy Connection and Disconnection
Use tube securement devices for easy, streamlined connection and disconnection of IV tubing to the IV injection site without separate venipunctures that increase patient discomfort and take additional staff time to complete. Adhesive securement devices keep the IV in a comfortable position for the patient while allowing for patient movement without jeopardizing the stability or functionality of the IV line.

Industry Standard and Proper IV Catheter Management
Shop now to find tube securement devices that allow for ease of integration with industry standard tubing and other components. Proper use of these devices allow for enhanced patient comfort and fewer needle sticks for administering medications and fluids, while allowing for ease of catheter maintenance and proper flushing. Through proper tube securement, the risks of patient infection and contamination of ports is also reduced, so treatment outcomes are more successful. Bulk packaging ensures that a sufficient supply of tube securement devices is always in the facility’s inventory.

Reduce Accidental Exposure to Needle Sticks
Enhance staff safety with tube securement devices that allow for ease of administering medication and fluids intravenously without repeated venipuncture sticks. Use with standard infection control measures, such as proper examination gloves, to keep exposure incidents to a minimum and maintain the safety of staff and personnel. These devices are generally part of recommended safety protocol in most health care settings.

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