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Use urinalysis kits in your health care, rehabilitation facilities or substance abuse recovery programs to monitor patients' health and adherence to required programs. Full kits include all the material needed for the collection and classification of urine specimens to end for testing.

Ease to Use
Choose urinalysis systems that offer a quick and convenient method of urine specimen collection, transport, storing, and testing, with 3-ounce flat-bottomed paper cups that allow for ease of use for the patient when producing the specimen. Disposable plastic tubes that can hold up to 15 milliliters of the specimen have a cap that's easily snapped on and off during collection, storage, and testing procedures, and the cap locks securely to prevent accidents or mishaps. Tubes marked in milliliters facilitate efficient and exact measurements of the necessary specimen amount, and tubes can also be centrifuged if microscopic analyses are necessary.

Efficient and Convenient Record of Specimens
Disposable cardboard holders that hold up to 10 tubes allow for easy transport and storage of the specimen samples. Self-adhesive identification labels with enough room for the patient's name and other identifying information can be used securely on both the tubes and the cardboard holders, allowing you to keep efficient records of both individuals and groups.

Disposable Large Quantities
Look for urinalysis kits that come in packages of up to 500 and are disposable after single use to ensure confidence in testing from both the individual and the health care organization. Make sure to stock up during periods of high testing or if your facility performs a high volume of tests. For patients who may have trouble producing specimens in the included cops, convenient portable urinals are recommended.

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