Wound Measurement

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Use wound measurement tools at home or in a hospital or clinic to keep track of the growth of ulcerating wounds. Wound rulers let you measure wound size accurately, while wound measuring bulls eyes let you track multidimensional change. Use ulcer prevention booklets to keep records up to date.

Wound-Measuring Bulls Eyes
Place a transparent wound-measuring bulls eye over an ulcer to measure the wound in all dimensions at once. Disposable wound measuring bulls eyes provide measurements in centimeters to keep your measurements precise and accurate, while the straight-edge measurements along the edges of the bulls eyes include inches to help you have a simple discussion with the patient regarding wound growth. The latex-free nature of the bulls eyes means you don't have to worry about dangerous allergic reactions.

Wound Rulers
Include easy-to-read wound rulers in photos of wounds to document the growth or diminution of each wound clearly and accurately. The latex-free, disposable wound rulers allow you to include the patient's name, the date, and the identifying characteristics of the wound, and measurement markings in both centimeters and millimeters make it easy to see wound measurements clearly. Keep these rulers on hand along with wound cleanser in your clinic or office to provide total wound care.

Ulcer Prevention Books
Keep patients focused on their own self-care with the use of continuous-pressure ulcer prevention booklets that encourage regular wound assessment and provide space to keep an ongoing record of ulcer location and size. Carbonless three-part forms let you pass the vital information on to charge nurses or others involved in patient care. Each booklet contains 25 pages, allowing you to track wound growth over an extended period of time.

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