Writeyboard, 4' x 6', Ghost Stick On Dry-Erase Board (20010-06)

Writeyboard, 4' x 6', Ghost Stick On Dry-Erase Board (20010-06)

Item #: 1725453 | Model #: 20010-06
Writeyboard, 4' x 6', Ghost Stick On Dry-Erase Board (20010-06)
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Product ID: 1725453
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Instantly transform any wall, table or floor into a dry-erase board with this Writeyboard

Choose this Writeyboard dry-erase board when you need to be able to see what’s behind it because the transparent sheet goes on clear. Ideal for use in marketing, design and educational applications, this dry-erase board allows you to write on top of sti ll-visible existing information to make revisions and alterations. Use this adhesive Writeyboard Ghost on a painted wall or over a wall covering that you’d prefer not to obscure, allowing the colors and patterns to provide an interesting backdrop for yo ur notes and drawings.

  • Adhesive dry-erase board is transparent to allow for working over existing information on a wall or other flat surface
  • Surface measures 4' x 6'
  • Secures to the wall with adhesive for hassle-free mounting
  • Hang vertically or horizontally for versatility in design
  • Reusable surface wipes clean for years of use
  • Clear adhesive whiteboard
  • Write on the wall
  • Preserve any existing color
  • Subtle elegant design
Share your ideas anywhere with this stick-on dry-erase board from Writeyboard that attaches directly to any wall. The transparent design reduces distractions when the board is not in use, and the smooth surface works perfectly with your existing collection of dry-erase markers, dry-erase crayons, whiteboard erasers and aerosol spray cleansers.

Transparent Design
This Writeyboard dry-erase board is transparent, so you can easily see items behind the board. Place this board over a pre-printed metal grid or align it on top of a glass-covered blueprint to make notes and add sketched details without altering the original image.

Convenient Adhesive
Attach this dry-erase board to a wall, conference table or any other flat surface to create an instant writing surface wherever you need one. The semi-permanent adhesive backing keeps the board securely in place while you use it but releases cleanly if you need to switch to a different room or move your facility to a new location.

Large Size
Utilize every inch of this 4 x 6 ft dry erase board to get all of your team members' ideas written down during a meeting. The large surface also provides lots of room for plotting out detailed graphs, drawing complicated chemical formulas or completing long math proofs.