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Thrustmaster® 4160571 Ferrari Vibration Gt Cockpit 458 Italia Edition For Xbox 360
Item #IM1KV2698
Model #4160571
  • Rubber-textured wheel offering a realistic and comfortable grip
  • Xbox 360
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Insten® 3600mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Replacement Battery With USB Cable For Microsoft xBox 360; Black
Item #1266520
Model #503928
  • Compatibility: Microsoft Xbox 360
  • 3600 mAh
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The Xbox 360 console gives gamers an intuitive platform where they can play solo or in multiplayer games with people from around the world. Having the right components enhances gameplay, creating an immersive experience, or giving users better control. Shop Staples for Xbox 360 accessories including headsets, controllers and sensors to improve the overall experience.

Headsets Improve Communication
Headsets let you communicate with other players, regardless of location. Most headsets have two earpieces, though some have a single earpiece, with a rest on the other side. Padded headbands and ear covers improve overall comfort, which is ideal for those who play marathon sessions. An adjustable microphone makes it easy to talk to others and it flips out of the way when not in use. Headsets plug into the controller, instantly connecting you to the game, and converter adapters let you use separate headset and microphone combinations. Noise-canceling technology ensures crisp communication without added feedback, and many also have video conferencing and voice calling capabilities, with apps such as Skype, for added functionality.

Xbox 360 Controllers Increase Versatility
Controllers for the Xbox 360 come in two formats: wired and wireless. Wired versions connect directly to the console for continuous play, and some come with extended cords for more flexibility. Wireless models let you play from up to 30 feet away, giving you more freedom to move around as you like during gameplay. Most units have vibration feedback that alerts you to action in the game, and all have an ergonomic design with rubber grips on the knobs for easy handling. Some controllers come bundled with compatible headsets to get you started.

Kinect Incorporates User Movements
The Kinect device is a horizontal sensor that sits in front of the television. It reads user movements to guide actions throughout the game. It works well with fitness, sport and dancing games, and recognizes spinning, jumping and ducking movements, among others. It holds several user profiles and recognizes each one automatically as they step in front of the sensor, eliminating the need for manual sign-ins. While the Kinect comes on a stand for easy setup, shoppers will also find mounts to connect it to a flat-panel television, elevating its height for increased efficiency.

Additional Xbox 360 Accessories
Charging packs ensure you never run out of power while playing. Some connect directly to wireless remotes and the console, simultaneously charging while you play. Others plug into a wall outlet and have docking stations for remotes to plug into and replenish energy when not in use. Those who travel will appreciate a personal gaming environment that stores all Xbox 360 accessories while on the go. It includes an HD screen with headphone jacks and HDMI ports, so all the user has to do is hook up the system to the screen.

Those who like to record their gaming activities to post on social outlets, such as YouTube, will find HD game recorders that plug into the console and a PC for editing prior to posting. An additional hard drive adds space for an array of file types and for storing game progress.