Coffee & Breakroom Supplies

The perfect setup

Having a well-stocked breakroom is a must for any school. It provides teachers and staff with the refreshments they need to get through long days, and it can be a great area for colleagues to take a break from their hectic schedules. Staples offers an extensive selection of school breakroom supplies that are perfect for stocking up your teacher's lounge, school office, or as a treat for students. When it comes to setting up a breakroom, Staples has everything you need, from coffee makers and filters to mugs, cups, stirrers, creamers, sugar packets and more! Once the basics have been checked off your school breakroom supplies list, you can move on to adding in school snacks like chips and candy that will keep everyone energized throughout the day. Whatever you're looking for, Staples has all the school breakroom supplies you need.

Brew up some fun

With a multitude of coffee machines options available at Staples, you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. Choose from single cup brewers or traditional drip machines; either way you'll have plenty of delicious brews ready to go in no time! And don't forget about tea drinkers; we've got plenty of single-serve K-Cup coffee pods as well as herbal teas so everyone can enjoy their favorite hot beverage. For larger gatherings like faculty meetings or end-of-semester parties, beverage dispensers are essential for serving drinks quickly and easily while still looking classy. With our wide selection of sizes and styles there's something for every occasion! Make the most of your well-deserved break with Staples' selection of teacher breakroom supplies!