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Update any kitchen or bathroom with a wide variety of faucets from Staples®. Add style and improved functionality with an assortment of models from deck-mounted and wall-mounted styles for the home to commercial grade units for classrooms and businesses. Choose from chrome and brass materials to suit any preference, any decor.

Faucets for Any Home or Business Use
Whether it’s for small bathrooms at home, kitchen sinks, or large commercial spaces, there’s a model to suit any need. Deck-mounted units attach directly to the sink, counter, or table through pre-drilled holes, offering easy installation, maintenance, and replacement. For a modern and custom look, opt for wall-mounted options that appear to float above the sink. Take care with wall-mounted models to measure the optimal height and length of the faucet to prevent splashing and ensure easy access for everyone. A typical rule of thumb is to allow at least one inch of space above the basin, and to test the flow before installing permanently.

ADA Compliant Faucets
Models that are compliant with the guidelines for the American Disabilities Act (ADA) offer easier and safer use for those with disabilities and limited mobility. Typically required in public spaces, ADA compliant models help ensure access to water for everyone using the area. While it’s not a requirement for private residences, meeting ADA standards helps improve functionality in the bathroom, and with the wide selection of compliant models, it’s easy to create accessible spaces for all residents or customers. 

Selecting the Right Materials for Faucets
Choose materials that match the hardware in the space whether it be cabinet and door handles or towel racks and bars. Chrome models are durable, with easy to clean surfaces ideal for high traffic rooms and commercial spaces. Polished chrome adds a shiny, modern touch to the room, while solid brass materials offer a classic look and long term durability.

Are There Eco-friendly Faucet Options?
Selecting a low-flow model helps to save on water, sewer, and energy costs, and prevents excess potable water consumption. Water use is typically reduced by 40- to 75-percent without compromising water pressure. Look for models with 1.5 GPM to 0.5 GPM flow rates for optimal water efficiency. Infrared sensors also help reduce excess water use by activating only when there is activity detected and turning off when the user leaves. Models with automatic on/off sensors are ideal for schools, businesses, hotels, stadiums, and other busy areas to reduce overall water consumption, and offer optimal cleanliness. 

What Features are Important When Selecting a Faucet?
Form and function are key aspects to assess when selecting a model. Be sure to measure all dimensions, and to ensure adequate height and reach of spouts and handles. Lead-free compliant models are certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 standards and meet the federal and state regulations for either low or no-lead products. Sprout swing restrictor pins lock faucets into place to keep them stationary during certain activities. High-arc spouts are perfect for kitchens and offer extra space for cleaning dishes and prepping food. Vandal-resistant aerators provide added protection and durability for public spaces and commercial buildings.

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