Fire Protection

When it comes to fire safety, proper fire detection and protection are essential. The right fire safety equipment can alleviate fear, provide peace of mind and help prevent harm and damage in a fire emergency, regardless of the location. Invest in safety and protect your property and your people from potential fire and gas emergencies.

Be prepared

Fire protection is all about being prepared. That's why having the right equipment in the right location is crucial in responding quickly and effectively in an emergency. Fire extinguishers are essential to any comprehensive fire safety plan. They allow you to put out small fires before they become too large or dangerous. Keep extinguishers close to exits, in kitchen areas, garages and workshops and anywhere there's potential for an accidental fire. And in public spaces, don't forget to clearly mark your extinguishers with fire extinguisher signs. In an emergency, don't panic. These extinguishers are easy-to-use, with clear instruction labels and graphics on the exterior telling you precisely what to do. We carry various extinguishers in water and dry chemical models, from ABC multipurpose types to specialty models for specific hazards.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detection

Smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors are the first lines of defense in alerting people if smoke or potentially deadly gases are present, giving time to evacuate the premises before things get out of hand. As a warning system, they notify everyone in the building of a potential danger and that they must take appropriate action. These are availble in single or multifunction varieties, so you can choose the right type of detection equipment for your space.