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When and Why to Use Wall Mounted Fixtures

When people think of merchandising, they often picture products displayed on tables, aisles or end caps. But the best displays go well beyond the floor.

Successful retail business owners, like J. Ensemble’s Jacqueline Kanawatij, know that if you’re not taking things to the wall with your merchandising, you’re overlooking some prime retail space. "Wall-mounted fixtures draw people’s attention," says Kanawatij, who owns a boutique in Seal Beach, CA. "For us, these fixtures make it easier to group clothes by color and style, and to attract customers to specific parts of the store."

Working the perimeter of your shop can yield numerous merchandising benefits. Consider whether wall-mounted fixtures are right for your retail small business.

Advantages of Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Wall-mounted fixtures come in many forms and price ranges and can be an indispensable selling tool for your business. They can be racks or shelves, digital signs, grid wall systems or just about anything that can display or market your merchandise.

They efficiently use the perimeter of your store footprint, while bringing on style and organization. For example, they can be used to replace the footprint of a crowded, wedged-against-the-wall floor rack with a well-organized space.

Additionally, wall-mounted fixtures give you the ability to make your items more noticeable and browsable, while freeing up floor space. They’re perfect for stocking products at eye level � an advantage over most freestanding fixtures. They’re also great for touch-and-feel items you want your customers to interact with. Since wall-mounted fixtures display items on a vertical plane, it’s easy to visually group associated products in the same area to encourage bundled purchases. If you’re carrying a hot new electronic device, try placing headphones, batteries and charging accessories in the surrounding space.

Wall-mounted fixtures can be stylish, smart and rewarding. And, as with all fixture choices, they should be integrated with your store’s overall design and image.

How to Integrate Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Wall-mounted fixtures can help small or odd-shaped sections of your store become valuable merchandising areas. Dennis Tarrant of Tangible Investments in Laguna Beach, CA, uses a mix of floor and wall fixtures to display and sell precious metals. "Since art and antiques are a large part of our business, we use every square inch of wall space in a tasteful manner" says Tarrant. "For our silver/gold bullion and rare coin department, we use a large screen TV with financial news running in conjunction with our floor displays. We have a lot to display, so it is important to maximize wall display area. We actually have built faux walls just to get more display room."

Wall-mounted fixture options can range from the very simple, like slat grid or wire grid panels, to the more complex, like outriggers or digital walls. When deciding on a system, determine which and how much wall space you want to use, and consider the price point, versatility and durability.

Wall-mounted fixtures display and stock products differently, so to optimize their efficiency, make sure you do your research before investing. Chances are you’ll find wall-mounted fixtures are an easy and economical way to stock products, boost purchase consideration and increase sales.

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