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A4 Binders
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A4 pages are narrower and longer than traditional US letter size sheets, which provide ample space for photographs and other image-based graphics. A4 binders protect these sheets and correspondence from others located in other countries that don't use the traditional 8.5 x 11-inch pages. Staples carries a variety of binders in this size, ensuring an option that works for most users.

Types of A4 Binders
Binders for A4-size pages come in different materials that affect protection and ease of use. Vinyl options have a chipboard insert sealed between the material, providing rigid covers that resist bending and creasing. Poly binders have flexible covers that make it easy for users to stow in a bag when taking materials from one location to another. Zipper binders have a softer feel while providing rigid front and back covers for added protection. These options add a professional touch to presentations, portfolios and any materials required outside the office.

Choosing Ring Sizes for A4 Binders
Binders have ring sizes that range from .05-inch up to 5 inches. The 0.5-inch rings hold up to 100 pages, providing plenty of space for presentations and employee files. Binders with 5-inch rings handle up to 950 sheets, which ensures enough room for multiple files, contracts, spreadsheets, and other materials. The weight of the stock decreased sheet capacity, which is important when storing photos and other documents stored in protective coverings. D-ring binders hold up to 30-percent more sheets than traditional round ring options. Most of these options have rings that are mounted on the back cover, which keeps pages flat for easier reading.

Will A4 Binders Work for Traditional Pages?
Companies in the US and Canada print on letter-size pages that measure 8.5 x 11 inches. A4 binders are designed for pages that are 8.26 inches wide and 11.69 inches long. Traditional paper sizes will not fit in an A4 product properly, which can lead to crumpling and ripping of the sheet edges.

What Are the Color Options for A4 Binders?
Binders for A4 pages come in numerous colors that help users color code users and clients or match the existing decor. Black and gray binders pair well with most color schemes and add polish to presentations and other shared documents. Red, green, orange, blue, and yellow provide color coding that assists users in keeping clients, classes, and departments separate. Consider white or neon mini binders for quick identification and recognition of important information.

Are There Additional Features Available on A4 Binders?
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feature a clear cover over the front and back, which lets users add title pages or decorative accents for a personalized look. Non-view options protect the contents from others when both covers are closed. Choose options with spine inserts to add labels for quick identification when storing binders on shelves or in boxes. Inside pockets hold unpunched pages and keep reference sheets readily accessible. Consider binders with business card slots for presentations and resumes to ensure the reader can find relevant information quickly, or opt for CD/DVD pockets to include audio or video-based information. All of the binders that Staples carries make excellent additions to any back to school supplies list.