Acer Gaming Laptops

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The right computer makes the whole gaming experience better for both casual and serious players. An Acer gaming laptop includes all the features necessary for enjoyable gameplay including fast processing, solid state hard drive storage, and advanced graphics and sound capabilities. A laptop also provides the freedom to play anywhere. Upgrade to an Acer laptop from Staples to enjoy a responsive and immersive gaming experience.

Benefits of Acer Gaming Laptops
Acer gaming laptops contain many features that enable fast and seamless game play, including upgraded processors, large amounts of RAM and both solid-state and traditional hard drives. High-level processors increase the speed and performance of even the most advanced software, and some models include over 1 terabyte of internal memory to store complex game data. Advanced cooling mechanisms and overclocking options enable even greater levels of performance.

Along with the upgraded internals, advanced Acer laptops include excellent graphics features. Many models offer 15-inch or 17-inch screens with full HD capability. Some are 4K compatible for Ultra HD viewing. Advanced graphics cards and dedicated graphics memory ensures the most technologically demanding games render beautifully and quickly with exceptional detail.

Additional Acer Gaming Laptop Considerations
Performance is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a gaming laptop. The internal systems and graphics are essential but there are other aspects as well. Many Acer models include advanced sound systems with multiple speakers and an integrated subwoofer. Battery life is also important, and some styles can run up to 12 hours without recharging. One of the biggest threats to a good gaming experience is lag, and Acer laptops include in-depth internet controls that allow the user to split and route bandwidth to the applications that need it the most. Gaming laptops are also more stylish than typical computers. Many Acer models are black with bold red accents and include aerodynamic fans across the back. This fan design looks good and also keeps the internals cool and minimizes dust collection.

What Operating System to Acer Gaming Laptops Use?
Most Acer gaming laptop models come with the Windows operating system installed. Some styles also include automatic software and security updates.

Are There Gaming-Specific Features?
Acer high-performance laptops are designed with gamers in mind. Most feature an integrated webcam and solid Ethernet connectivity. Many styles include a backlit keyboard with additional customizable highlights around typically important keys such as arrows and other movement keys. Some models expand the typical laptop keyboard to include a full number pad and additional controls. You can also find models with integrated microphones and programmable keyboard macro profiles.

What Accessories Work With Acer Gaming Laptops?
Some Acer laptops are designed to work with optional accessories such as interchangeable cooling devices for intense gaming sessions. Most also include several inputs such as HDMI and USB ports and bays for additional memory cards. Some have integrated Bluetooth capability and a built-in amplifier for headsets. You may be able to connect a compatible gaming mouse and some laptops include Blu-ray drives as well.

Does an Acer Gaming Laptop Come With a Warranty?
While the exact details vary by model, many Acer laptops come with a 2-year warranty.