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Computer keyboards and mice make up the primary command center for all computer functions. The contoured computer mouse typically features a central scrolling wheel and dual-click buttons for easy use. Both computer keyboards and mice offer either USB connectivity or wireless plug-and-play connection for cord-free use. The standard keyboard comes with rear-tilt stands for customized use as well as optional back-lit keys and various color finishes. For customized recreation, gaming keyboards and mice offer hyper-modern styling. Wireless keyboards and mice provide added value and a quick solution to office design. Staples' selection of the best computer keyboards and mice also includes keyboard trays, mouse pads and wrist rests for personalized desktop accessory options.

Ergonomic Designs
For extended use, the best computer mice and keyboards provide hand support while keeping the wrist at a comfortable angle. Some mouse designs come with added support features, such as tapered side grips or thumb rests to prevent hand fatigue. Ergonomic keyboard features include extended wrist rests, curved sides and multilevel tilt for optimal blood flow and arm positioning. Attachable keyboard trays offer multilevel height adjustment. Gaming keyboards and mice offer optimal comfort during intensive use and come with a number of specialized support options.

Navigational Accuracy
Detailed projects and complex tasks require the best computer mice and keyboards to guarantee easy navigation and efficient job completion. Choose from a wide selection of laser or optical LED mice to simplify your routine and ensure reliable point-and-click accuracy. Sensitive tracking and responsive center-scroll buttons minimize the time and effort required to perform multiple commands and navigate complex pages. For personalized recreational use, Staples offers a selection of gaming keyboards and mice with bold styling and quick pinpoint response. Keyboards with customized hot keys provide single-touch commands to ease user fatigue and increase productivity.

Easy Use
Staples' modern selection of the best computer mice and keyboards features efficient designs that eliminate the need for maintenance or routine readjustments. Computer keyboards and mice come with instant setup capabilities for easy installation. Simple USB connectivity or wireless accessories are designed to respond instantly for quick device activation. Wireless keyboard and mouse options reduce excess cords, keep desks tidy and help encourage organization. Easy-to-use accessories promote efficiency and productivity in the workplace or home office.

Customized Pairing
Choose from a variety of computer keyboards and mice to optimize the functionality of any office space. Standard cross-compatible designs allow users to mix and match computer accessories to best suit the needs of any professional project or hobby. Gaming keyboards and mice are also compatible with standard accessories and can be switched easily for enhanced functionality. Ergonomic standalone wrist rests and mouse pads add comfort to the user experience, while wireless keyboards and wireless mice offer unfettered freedom.

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