Alcohol Markers

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Whether creating at home or putting together masterpieces in the studio, the right alcohol markers can add color and vibrancy to your projects. They are ideal for embellishing cards, posters, works of art, and scrapbook pages. They also work well for storyboard illustrations, rubber stamping, and mixed media art. Staples carries a large selection of alcohol markers in sets containing an array of colors. These markers also come with different types of tips to meet the needs of the project at hand.

Alcohol Markers for Coloring on Almost Any Surface
These markers color on most surfaces including glass, paper, canvas, ceramic, shrink film, and metal. Since the alcohol evaporates almost immediately, they do not react with the fibers in paper eliminating tears in the surface. When applied to cardstock, paper or canvas surfaces, the color is permanent. The ink also typically resists fading, even when exposed to the sunlight. The color does tend to fade over time when used on glass, metal, or tile, but using a spray fixative can extend the life of your favorite hue.

Alcohol Markers Add a Pop of Color
A wide array of shades is important when it comes to a medium as this expands the creation possibilities. Alcohol markers come in sets of 12 and 24 or more to offer a variety. They also come in bright and pastel colors making them optimal for any design studio or craft room. Some of the sets contain markers from the same color family such as black or brown. These types of dry erase markers easily blend to create different shades. Applying a darker color to a lighter one can expand the color options even further making them the right choice for shading and highlighting.

Special Features of Alcohol Markers
Alcohol markers are loaded with features including high-end tip options. Some models are compatible with many different nibs including super fine, broad, and calligraphy. Ones with fine tips work well for creating precise lines, sketching and writing letters or numbers. Broad tip kid's markers let users create wider lines and fill large spaces quickly. Some pens feature dual ends containing both fine and broad tips. Another quality characteristic of these markers is that the ink dries in seconds. This helps to eliminate smudges, smears and ink bleeds, allowing the artist to continue working on other parts of the paper.

Are Alcohol Makers Safe to Use?
These permanent markers are non-toxic making them safe to use. They are also acid and lignin free to prevent paper or other surfaces from yellowing with age. Another benefit is that they are generally low in odor. Some are even safe for children to use.

Are the Markers Refillable?
Some alcohol markers are refillable, and this depends on the brand and the exact model. Some last a lifetime when using compatible ink as a refill. The refill ink often comes in a bottle and refilling is fairly simple.

How Do You Use Alcohol Makers on Stamps?
The markers are an excellent choice for use on stamps when card making or scrapbooking. To use as stamp ink, directly color on the raised surface of the stamp filling it as much as possible. Stamp the paper or cardstock and spray a mist of alcohol over the image immediately to set the ink. Make sure to add a new set of alcohol markers to your next school supplies list.