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Amped Wireless HELIOS AC2200 Tri Band and Ethernet Router, Black (RTA2200T)Amped Wireless HELIOS AC2200 Tri Band and Ethernet Router, Black (RTA2200T)
Item #2708387
Model #RTA2200T
  • High Power Wi-Fi delivers whole home coverage with 12 powerful amplifiers, 1 internal and 3 external high gain antennas
  • Unmatched AC2200 Tri-Band speeds means less congestion and faster connections
Make sure everyone in the facility can access the web remotely with Amped Wireless® routers from Staples®. Having routers in the office eliminates the need for cables, so there are no unsightly cords. Each Amped router connects to a modem with an existing network to transmit data packets between various devices. Web access is simple via a network-ready device, such as a smartphone, laptop, or computer, for convenience at home or at work. Browse tri-band options, including three separate frequencies, to compartmentalize several user streams for maximum network performance. 

General Brief on Amped Routers
External and internal antennas make it easy to establish a strong signal in the office, so every cubicle gets access to the internet. The actual speed depends on the network provider and the specific package, but these routers are compatible with all major internet providers for universal appeal. Optimum network coverage allows employees to work remotely and perform computing tasks efficiently. USB interfaces make it easy to share files with everyone on the network by connecting an external hard drive or a flash drive to the router. The website blocking feature lets parents create a child-safe network, so kids can go online and not see inappropriate content. 

Technical Features of Amped Router Models
VoIP bandwidth capacity lets employees and students communicate with online friends via a live-chat application, or make low-cost phone calls via the network. The multi-user MIMO technology provides less congestion with many connected devices, allowing everyone to enjoy smooth streams and high web browsing speed. Some routers come with several amplifiers to extend the coverage range even further, so employees or students can access the internet from anywhere.

How Does the Tri-Band Router Technology Work?
Tri-band Amped routers work with a 2.4 GHz frequency and two separate 5 GHz frequencies for maximum internet speed and connectivity performance. The 2.4 GHz frequency is ideal for web search and corresponding with colleagues, while the 5 GHz frequency works best for gaming and HD streams. Using tri-band routers in an environment with many devices presents no interference issues because most appliances don’t share the 5 GHz frequency. 

What Are Some Other Benefits of Having Amped Routers?
With the available Ethernet port, users can connect routers to a printer for remote printing, or to a gaming console for online RPGs. The Gigabit port in select models offers ten times the speed of a regular Ethernet interface to accommodate programmers and frequent gamers. IPv6 support ensures all web traffic protocols are up to date, so every page uploads quickly and correctly. Multiple download channels make it easy for several computer users to download high-volume data without interfering with each other.

What’s the Difference between a Modem and a Router?
A modem is the foundation of the home or work network, and it requires a router to send information wirelessly. Routers can also differentiate between various users so that everyone can enjoy fast speeds. Most businesses and homes use routers because technology is bringing so many network-ready devices to the marketplace.