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Door hangers are part of the banner and poster paper family that lets you advertise and market company sales and promotional events. Use the hangers specifically for leaving printed material on the doorknobs of residences or office and business complexes to introduce your local services, whether real estate, a freelance business, home repair, or yard work among many others. Place the hangers to promote local political candidates or campaign platforms, or even community events and gatherings. Check out Staples for door hangers in cost-saving bulk packages and different paper stock and colors.

Door hangers leave personalized, visual messages for foot traffic
Banners and posterboard signs are eye-catching promotional notices for wherever crowds may gather for events, trade shows, rallies, or public-access venues. The doorknob hangers leave behind more targeted communications for businesses or homeowners, with certainty that they'll get the message both literally and figuratively. The hangers generally come with a slotted 1.25-inch diameter hole that fits flexibly and quickly over doorknobs, remaining securely in place even in windy conditions.

Use a variety of printing methods for staging promos, market content, or campaign publicity
The door hangers are available in heavyweight paper, starting at 65-pound and 67-pound cardstock, about the thickness of postcards. Glossy 80-pound and 90-pound cover-weight paper, thick and stiff and the width of a premium business card, are also options for larger hangers. All of the heavyweight types of paper are compatible with existing print methods. You can use your laser or inkjet printer to create hangers with your own designs and files. Offset printing from a professional print shop is a smart choice if you have thousands of hangers to run. All types of heavyweight paper are also ideal for less expensive printing with copier reproduction.

What size door hangers are available?
Door notices are rectangular-shaped, narrow enough so they hang straight from the knob and up against the door without jutting out against the doorjamb. They're typically available in one of two dimensions. One hanger is 3.5 x 8.5 inches wide and long; the other is 4.25 x 11 inches, also called jumbo door hangers. These sizes come on 8.5 x 11-inch paper, designated as 2-up or 3-up sheets. That is, two larger hangers fit vertically on a sheet, and three smaller hangers fit horizontally on a sheet. Each hanger has a perforated edge, so you can easily and neatly tear them into individual notices after printing the hanger designs.

Are alternative notice designs available?
Yes, bulk packages come with an array of marketing and promotional templates that you can download for free at the manufacturers' websites for either digital or offset printing. Choose among different background colors for the right visual effect. White provides an eye-catching contrast for either monochrome or color typeface and graphics. Background designer colors in orange, green, and yellow offer a striking contrast that get the attention of business owners and pique the curiosity of foot traffic around commercial establishments.

What are some of the bulk package sizes for door hangers?
Because you can get 2-up and 3-up sheets for each hanger size, you're getting multiple notices in each package. For instance, for a 334-sheet pack of 3-up notices, you can have 1,000 separate hangers. Several smaller-size packages are available as well in each size. However, jumbo hangers are also available on 6-up, 11 x 17-inch sheets for a total of 1,500 separate door hangers.

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