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Bower Card Readers & Adapters

Memory cards are cartridges that store audio and video data from digital devices. Bower® card readers transfer the data on those cards into your desktop or laptop so you can process and organize the data as files. The card readers contain slots with different pin structures for inserting the various types of memory cards that devices rely on, including smartphones, cameras, video cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs. Bower digital card readers work with the vast majority of card sizes and formats associated with industry-standard CompactFlash® and Secure Digital (SD) cards and their variants.

Bower Card Readers Have Broad Card Coverage
Card readers from Bower have multiple card slots to accommodate up to 64 different types of memory card cartridges in use with various devices, including standard-size cards, micro and mini cards, and Memory Stick®. The readers from Bower are portable and compact, so you can take them with you and your laptop to have immediate access to files as they come off your camera or audio device.

Bower Card Readers Hook Directly into Your Computer
Card readers from Bower plug directly into the USB ports of computers. They are plug and play devices that your computer recognizes immediately. You can start transferring files as soon as you pop the memory card into the proper slot on the readers. Different Bower digital card reader models work with different USB port versions. Those that plug into USB 3.0 ports accommodate the fast speed of this USB version. Those that plug into USB 3.0 or 2.0 ports specifically offer the same number of card slots and accept the same number of card formats regardless of version.

Do Bower Card Readers Have Read and Write Capability?
The card readers from Bower for both USB port versions 3.0 and 2.0 let you upload or read music, photos, and other data from a memory card, and then transfer or write files from your computer onto the card to make the files accessible on the digital device. The read and write capability of the card readers from Bower expands the range of processing and production options that are available with existing software.

Can You Use Bower Card Readers with Any Computer?
Card readers from Bower work with both Mac® and Windows® operating systems, so you don’t need a card or interface adapter for one or the other. Bower digital card reader models support Mac OS 9 series version 9.2 and X® series version 10.0. The models also work with Windows ME, XP, 2000, and Vista® as well as Windows 7.

What Are Some of the Card Formats Supported by Bower Card Readers?
Among the 64 types of cartridges that Bower readers accept are industry-standard memory cards that you’ll find in a wide range of devices, including digital cameras. They include several SD versions, such as SDHC™, SDXC, and Micro and Mini SDs, CompactFlash versions 1 and 2, several MultiMediaCard (MMC) versions, such as MMCplus, MMCmobile, RS-MMC, and DV-MMC, memory stick and Memory Stick PRO™, and MXSC and xD Type M, Type M+, and Type H card formats.

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Bower® Platinum US 2.0 Universal Digital Card Reader/Writer for Camera
Item : 270797 / Model : CRPUNI64
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  • 64-in-1 digital card reader/writer
  • Supports MAC OS/ Windows7/ ME / 2000 / XP/ Vista
  • Supports SD, SDHC, Compact Flash Vers 1/Vers 2, Micro SD, Mini SD, multimedia card, MMCplus, MMCmobile, RS-MMC, RS-MMC DV, memory stick, memory stick pro, xD, xD Type M, xD Type M+, xD Type H card formats
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