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Coffee Cups, Stirrers & Filters

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Coffee cups and other supplies are an essential at home and in the office. Cups, filters and stirrers make it easy to prepare beverages whether you're sipping at a desk while working or taking it on the go. Staples carries the essentials from many popular brands in small packages and bulk units for a wide array of needs.

Cups and Accessories for Home and Office
You can buy coffee cups in various sizes ranging from the standard 8-ounce to 20-ounce travel sizes. They come in a wide array of materials that include Styrofoam, plastic and paper, and some have artistic designs on the outside. Most paper cups have a poly lining that protects against leaking and soaking through. Those that have insulation work equally well with cold and hot beverages, making them a versatile option. You can use them for drinking at meal time or set them out for a party. Cups come in packages as small as bags of 50 to large cartons of 1,000 or more.

If you like to take your coffee on the go, consider buying lids. They come in several styles, including those with a lift 'n' lock design that includes a fold-back tab that you tear open and units with a pre-formed hole. Some have tight inner rings that help form a tight seal to avoid the lid popping off, thereby reducing the occurrence of spills. Cup sleeves offer protection against the heat emanating from the cup and easily slide onto most units. Some have a corrugated interior that gives them more grip.

Stirrers for Mixing
Stirrers help mix coffee, blending sugar and cream together. They come in several sizes ranging from 5 to 7.5 inches tall in either plastic or natural wood. Plastic units come in either white or varying color schemes and have a hole for easy sipping, while wooden stirrers feature a flat design. Shoppers will find packages of 1,000 or 10,000 unwrapped stirrers ready to place into a dispenser or organizer in the breakroom or at the coffee station.

Coffee Filters for Various Machines
Coffee filters come in varying styles for drip-style machines including flat bottom and cone-shaped varieties from brands such as CoffeePro, Bunn and Melitta. Filters range in size, depending on the carafe, to hold the appropriate amount of grounds. Cone-style filters have a tightly crimped bottom to prevent the grounds from leaking. Some filters are made with up to 60 percent bamboo construction, while others use natural brown paper.

Those who use Keurig machines to brew individual cups of coffee can benefit from reusable filters. Instead of throwing out disposable K-Cups after every use, these models have a sturdy design that stands up to consistent use. Many come with an internal filter that contains stainless steel mesh, but some use paper filters that trap all sediment and offer easy cleanup. Some can hold up to 14 grams, letting users add more grounds for a stronger brew.

Eco-Friendly Options for Sustainability
Eco-conscious shoppers will find coffee supplies made with recycled, biodegradable or compostable materials to reduce the amount of waste. Some are made with 100 percent post-consumer waste, as well, offering a product that has minimal impact on the environment.