Coffee Makers & Supplies

Give employees a morning wake-up by outfitting the office kitchen or break room with coffee makers on sale at Staples. Keeping a good supply of fresh coffee and other coffee maker supplies on hand makes sure that everyone stays awake throughout long workdays and on the premises instead of heading out to the local coffee shop when the urge strikes. To ensure that office productivity stays high throughout the day, choose from the extensive variety of office coffee supplies available at Staples.

Coffee Makers On Sale

Before choosing from the many coffee makers on sale at Staples, put some thought into the best type of machine for your office. Businesses with a large number of employees will do best with an urn-style brewer or commercial pot with coffee maker accessories such as a direct water line. Medium-size businesses or smaller offices filled with javaholics might do best with a double carafe system, and smaller companies can choose a single-pot system or a single-cup brewer. Staples carries a vast selection of brewers from popular brands such as Keurig, Hamilton Beach, Bunn and Mr. Coffee. Choose an espresso machine, tea kettle or cappuccino maker to greet clients and guests.

Coffee Maker Supplies

Even the best coffee maker setup won't be any good without a variety of coffee maker supplies to keep the brewer going. Staples offers a large selection of coffee grounds available in bulk from brands such as Folgers, Starbucks and Maxwell House to keep the office caffeinated all day long, as well as sugar and creamer options to suit all tastes. Smaller offices that use single-cup brewers have a large selection of K-Cup pods to choose from. Since these office coffee supplies are individually sealed and are airtight, it's easy to stock up the break room knowing they have a long shelf life. For serious coffee lovers, Staples carries fresh coffee beans that can be ground fresh before brewing.

Coffee Maker Accessories

Elevate the office break room or kitchen with coffee maker accessories from Staples. From water filtration systems that keep the water pure and the brewers in good working order to break room condiment organizers to keep sugar, creamer, cups and lids neat and tidy, Staples carries what every office needs. Coffee maker accessories such as cups, stirrers and spoons paired with the right coffee maker supplies ensure that everyone can get a fresh cup when needed.