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Assorted Colored Paper

Brighten office presentations, school projects, letters, and crafts with durable, high-quality colored paper. The colorful sheets are available in bold hues like ultra fuscia, cosmic orange, and solar yellow to bring sales materials and newsletters center stage during office and club meetings. Staples has a large assortment of office supplies, such as highlighters and paper clips, to keep the office, school, and boardroom stocked with useful materials.

Consider the reasons to use colored paper
Bright hues make it simple to color-code department printouts and other documents for easy recognition throughout an office. Pastel shades offer a warm sentiment to wedding invitations and baby showers. The lightweight and sturdy sheets prevent ink from bleeding through to the other side, which makes double-sided printing hassle-free. The colored multipurpose paper has a smooth finish that allows you to effortlessly write across the paper surface. Packs include 50 sheets or more and are purchasable in bulk for large offices and schools. The sheets are acid-free and are compatible with inkjet and laser printers.

Use colored paper for school projects, flyers, and newsletters
Give a boost to book reports, class projects, and advertising materials with bold, colored copy paper. The vibrant pigments are available in a variety of bright shades and add a touch of personality to printed messages on flyers and bulletin boards. Most colored sheets are safe to archive as the papers resist fading and maintain structural integrity in cool and dry environments. Use multiple shades to add dimension and shape to school boards and office signs. The multipurpose sheets are available in a standard and legal size to accommodate most office, home, and school projects.

What are alternative uses for colored copy paper?
There are many creative activities that use lightweight and durable colored paper, such as scrapbooking and origami. Colored sheets are acid-free and lignin-free, so the material is safe to use when making scrapbooks. Colorful standard sheets work when practicing origami, and a variety of hues add rich contrast to paper flowers, birds, and other designs. Reuse sheets and create fun paper mache projects during art class or as a personal activity. Vibrant multi-use paper is ideal for wrapping gifts for birthdays and holidays. Old scraps can quickly turn into spinning paper helicopters with some paper clips, tape, and scissors. Markers, glue, stickers, and other accessories provide extra detail to any personal and professional project.

Can you recycle colored copy paper?
Yes. Other types of paper are also recycled, such as sticky notes, business cards, postcards, receipts, and envelopes. Do not recycle soiled papers as the contaminants interfere with the recycling process.

Are there benefits to using colored paper?
Yes. Colorful sheets are used to bring a pencil sketch portrait to life. The papers provide background color and enhance the overall picture. Bright and vibrant shades make newsletters and flyers stand out and easy to read. Complement party invites with colorful envelopes as a simple way to add a touch of style to invitations. Bright shades add character to classroom study spaces and pastels provide a soft ambiance for reading centers.