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ECR4Kids ELR0239 Blunt Tip Rotating Caddy Set with Rack, Brown
Out of Stock
Item #36421
Model #ELR0239
  • 18 piece scissors set for scrapbooking and DIY arts and crafts projects
  • Scissors feature a blunt tip to avoid accidental hazards when used by children
ECR4Kids KraftEdger ELR0129 Blunt Tip Sewing/Craft Scissors, Multi Color
Out of Stock
Item #36422
Model #ELR0129
  • 12 piece scissors set with storage pouch for home and classroom use
  • Scissors are designed with blunt tips, making them safe to use by children
Kids enjoy doing arts and crafts, and the proper tools ensure a safe, fun environment. ECR4kids Kids' scissors range from models suitable for preschoolers to those over the age of 12. Staples® carries a variety of scissors that work well in the classroom and at home.

The Different Types of ECR4kids Scissors
Different types of scissors provide safe and effective cutting for children of varying ages. Models for preschoolers have smaller handles that tiny hands can grasp easily. Some feature spring action, which opens the blades so that young kids gain a better understanding of the proper cutting action. Most preschooler styles have handles with large, equally sized finger openings, which let children use either their right or left hand for operation.

Kid's scissors with 5 to 6-inch blades provide more precise cutting for children in the 4 to 11 age range. These scissors have safety blade angles that help prevent accidents while still cutting through most materials. Some models feature blunt tips that protect against stabbing or catching in skin or clothing. Older children can use sharp-edged blades for increased control and more precise cuts. Kids over age 12 can move on to classroom scissors with full-size blades and sharp cutting edges and tips that are similar to adult-use models.

ECR4kids Scissors Attract Younger Users
Scissors designed for school supplies feature fun, brightly colored handles that capture the attention of younger children. This helps ensure they choose safety scissors over the sharper models that adults use. The handles often feature larger holes that provide use with either hand, helping younger kids master proper cutting with either hand. The textured, nonslip handles maximize comfort and reduce pressure and fatigue on the fingers and thumb. These scissors also feature ergonomic handles that fit smaller hands better than adult sizes for optimal control.

Do ECR4kids Scissors Have Additional Safety Features?
Some models of children's scissors include antimicrobial handles that prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in the classroom. There are safety models for preschoolers that eliminate the finger and thumb holes, letting children wrap their hands around the entire unit when cutting. This style reduces the chances of accidents and helps increase control for new cutters.

Can ECR4kids Scissors Cut All Materials?
Classroom scissors have blades that cut through paper, foam, and most other materials used in schools. Models with nonstick coating on the blades let users cut through tape and other adhesives without becoming sticky. Scissors for older kids may cut through thick card stock and fabric, but adult options may be required for leather and other heavy-duty materials.

Are Any ECR4kids Scissors Adaptable to Skill Levels?
There are spring-action scissors for preschoolers that feature a lever that adults can flip for traditional cutting. This provides an option as the child's skill level improves, maximizing the life of the scissors. Each type of scissors works for children of all skill levels, providing they have an understanding of how to use them properly. Consider options for the next highest age range when buying for kids with advanced cutting skills for proper size and ergonomics.

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