Ear Ulcer Syringes

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Ear ulcer syringes clear blockage in body canals and are used to disinfect small wounds and abrasions. When the bulb is filled with solutions like hydrogen peroxide or water, these syringes work to flush blockages in the ear canal or clear wounds of bacteria and other foreign bodies.

Uses for Newborns
Ear ulcer syringes clear nasal passage obstruction in newborn babies by squeezing the bulb to release air and inserting the syringe into the newborn’s nose, gently releasing the bulb to clear the nasal canal. A syringe also irrigates wounds when filled with a saline solution and pressurized on minor cuts. When used directly on cuts, an ear ulcer syringe harmlessly removes debris and disinfects minor scrapes, keeping your child happy and healthy.

Uses for Adults
Filled with warm water and positioned into the ear canal over a sink, fluid is gently poured into the ear canal to soften and remove hardened earwax. Likewise, these bulbs can be filled with hydrogen peroxide for daily relief and removal of deeper ear canal blockage. Ear ulcer syringes can be filled with ointments and aqueous solutions for regular treatment of minor cuts and abrasions.

Administering and Precautions
Deep nasal and ear blockage should be addressed by a doctor before using. For expedited clearing of superficial blockages, fill an ear ulcer syringe with hydrogen peroxide and administer three drops into your ear twice a day for one week. If pain persists, consult your doctor. Though ear ulcer syringes are proven to disinfect wounds and remove debris, they should always be treated in conjunction with appropriate bandages.

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