Exam Room Supplies

Keep your exam room inventory well-stocked with gowns, towels, and exam room paper to provide a clean and professional environment. Hot and cold packs allow you to administer instant therapy to those in immediate pain. Keep your clinic running smoothly by incorporating exam room signal flags.

Make Patients Comfortable
Ensure a safe and comfortable exam environment with disposable drapes, sheets, and patient gowns. Fabric gowns with back ties or snaps allow patients greater comfort and freedom of movement. Exam table paper is mechanically measured so you pull out the exact length every time, avoiding waste and extra expense, and infant sizes are available for pediatrician or family practices. Two- and three-ply professional-grade paper towels sop up incredible amounts of liquid and can double as dental bibs.

Provide Basic Therapy
Keep instant and reusable cold packs and cold compresses on hand to treat strains, sprains, and other injuries. Heating pads, microwavable heat therapy pads, and old-school hot water bottles all aid those in pain and are easy to administer. In addition, stock your exam rooms with diagnostic and exam instruments that allow you to check out all your patients' concerns with ease, including blood pressure monitors, ear wax removal syringes, reflex hammers, eye and ear specula, and pen lights.

Keep Exams Organized
Your day's workflow stays on track and organized when you set up a system of exam room signal flags. Choose from color-coded sets that use two, six, or eight flags in a variety of colors, with easy swinging capability to keep your clinic's procedures moving efficiently and smoothly.